15 Knit & Crochet Temperature Blanket Pattern Ideas

Temp Blanket Ideas

Are you heading into the new year and considering crocheting or knitting a temperature blanket? You’re in luck! I’ve got 15 temperature blanket ideas to get you excited and motivated. Scroll through these temperature blanket pattern ideas to find your favorite.

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15 knit and crochet temperature blanket pattern ideas from stitches to full free crochet patterns and free knit patterns. | TLYCBlog.com.

One of my favorite parts of celebrating the holidays is preparing for my temperature blanket. By Christmas, I have my yarn prepped, the pattern picked, and my hooks standing by for the first stitch. Get prepared to knit or crochet your temperature blanket with the ideas in this post.


  1. Temperature blankets don’t need to be from January-December of the coming year. Use any 365 day time frame that you’d like. Some blanket ideas chronicle the first year of marriage, the first year of a new baby, or from one birthday to the next. Personalize your blanket how you want.
  2. Include a marker either in your notions pouch or in the pattern itself. If you get behind on your blanket, having a marker will help you figure out where you left off. I like to keep a stitch marker in my bag and make note of what day the marked stitch or row represents. I’ve also added a white stripe or accent in my blanket to represent the first day of a month.
  3. You have more options than straight rows. Classic temperature blankets are worked in basic stitches with a full row representing one day. Consider a corner 2 corner blanket, chevrons, or granny squares to shake things up.
  4. Pick a pattern that you love, even if it’s simple. The best temperature blanket patterns I’ve seen are pretty basic, allowing the yarns to really shine. Try to find a pattern that you can commit to that won’t get too mundane over the course of a year.

Knit & Crochet Temperature Blanket Ideas

Click the photos and source links to find these patterns & designers.

1 // Tunisian Crochet Temperature Blanket

Try your hand at a Tunisian crochet temperature blanket. This FREE crochet pattern covers all the yarn used, helpful techniques, and my best advice to complete a crochet temperature blanket. Video tutorials included. | TLYCBlog.com #temperatureblanket #crochetblanket #tunisiancrochet
Source – TL Yarn Crafts

2 // Granny Stripe

Source: Attic 24

3 // Granite Stitch

4 // Weekender Blanket

5 // Northeasterly Blanket

Pattern Source: Skeinanigans on Ravelry; Image Source: The Bon on Ravelry

6 // Temperature Blanket 2019

7 // Bias Granny Temperature Blanket

8 // Lazy Waves Blanket

9 // Birth Temperature Blanket

Source: Kim Guzman

10 // Temperature Blanket

Source: Deramores

11 // Circle in Squares Blanket

12 // Pixelated No. 1

13 // Apache Tears

14 // C2C Temperature Blanket

15 // Ten Stitch Zig Zag


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  1. Avatarkathi says

    I’ve made #1 for 2020 and really am considering it for 2021, I really like the pattern, but did change my colors! I learned a lot about color choices! I like # 5 and may consider using it. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. AvatarPat D says

    I’m going to do a little different take on a temperature blanket this year. It will be for my grandson, using his birth year. Instead of keeping track of each day, I’m going to make 12 squares – one for each month. Each square will be a different pattern, like a sampler, and the color of each square will be determined by the average high temperature each month. Several years ago, I tried doing a traditional temperature blanket, but quickly became overwhelmed and abandoned it. But surely I can manage one square a month, lol!

  3. AvatarJeremy says

    I’ve decided on Tunisian Entrelac for my 2022 blanket, so it’s working C2C for 400 squares (many fillers required). I’ve not done any entrelac work so this is my opportunity to practice that.

  4. AvatarValeree says

    My daughter and I have decided to make a temperature blanket for 2023. I will be using your design the Linen Stitch, my daughter is thinking about the moss stitch. I bought Yarn Bee Soft Secret yarn from Hobby Lobby. We are using 10 colors, and if the predictions are correct for the beginning of the year, we will be in the high 70’s – low 80’s for the first week.

  5. AvatarJoyce Gravino says

    I saw the 10 stitch zig zag on this list. How would that work? Do azig zag for each day? Or a few rows for each day. I love this pattern and trying to think of how to make it work.

    One idea I was toying with is Apache tears but do it in strips with each year of marriage. I have been married for 30 years and would make it a king sized blanket. That way every day would probably be only about 10 0r 20 stitches. Any ideas? I crochet and knit so my options are pretty open.

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      For the 10-stitch blanket, maybe each valley (or peak) could be a different color – something like that. I like your idea with the apache tears – try a swatch and see how you like it ๐Ÿ™‚

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