6 Pro Tips for Crocheting With Faux Fur Yarn

Faux Fur

With the holidays fast approaching and Old Man Winter nipping at our heels, crocheting with faux fur yarn is becoming very popular. But, are you feeling intimidated by all that fluff? I’ve got six tips to help you master the season’s hottest yarn trend: Faux Fur Yarn!

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Crocheting with Faux Fur Yarn | Become a pro at crocheting with faux fur yarn using these 6 top tips. Learn what stitches and hook work best for this thick yarn, how to find your stitches, and what patterns work best. | TLYCBlog.com

I’ve officially jumped on the bandwagon of crocheting with faux fur yarn – I just released my Mika Vest pattern and I can’t wait to share another fun design in December. I’ve learned a lot about using this novelty yarn along the way that I wish I’d known going into it. Here are 6 tips to make crocheting with faux fur yarn fun and easy:

1// Beginners, Beware!

It is generally understood that novelty yarns like eyelash, faux fur, and tape yarns are not ideal materials for novice crocheters. It’s very difficult to see your stitches and it’s easy to make mistakes. If you’re a newbie to crochet, stick with smooth, medium weight yarn like Lion Brand Basic Stitch or Knit Picks Brava Worsted. Once you’ve mastered those materials, try something a bit more adventurous.

2// Trust the Recommended Hook Size

Hook size suggestions on yarn labels can be deceiving because of a little thing called gauge. Based on how you crochet, your stitches may be a bit looser or tighter than yarn manufacturers assume they will be. With faux fur yarn, it’s very likely that the large stitches and pace you work at will get you pretty close to their assumed gauge. Most super bulky faux fur yarns recommend a 9mm-15mm hook. I suggest making a swatch in your desired stitch with a 9mm hook first, then going up if the resulting fabric is too dense.

3// Use Simple Stitches

Faux fur yarn creates a halo of fluff that makes deciphering stitches nearly impossible. At most, you might be able to see some shadows from where the stitches have different textures. For this reason, sticking with simple stitches is key. I like to go with a good old single crochet for my designs and have fun with color, shapes, and project styles. Faux fur yarns are very versatile, but you can expect the same look to the fabric regardless of the pattern.

4// Find Your Stitches by Feel

Since faux fur yarn creates such a dense fabric of fluff, finding your stitches by sight will be basically impossible. Instead, search for your stitches by feel. As you’re crocheting along, use the hand holding your yarn to feel along the top of the row for your next stitch. You’ll feel a bump in the place where two stitches meet, then a smoothness that should indicate the front and back loops of your next stitch. Use the tip of your hook to push through the stitch and complete it as normal.

5// Count Your Stitches As You Go

It’s incredibly easy to miss a stitch when crocheting with faux fur yarn. You really can’t see your stitches, so you might crochet along thinking everything’s gravy until you have a rectangle that looks like a chicken nugget. Save yourself the headache and count your stitches as you work across your rows. Or, at least, count your stitches every few rows. This is a foolproof way to ensure that you’re working every stitch.

6// Go Slowly

There’s a rhythm to crocheting with faux fur yarn and it doesn’t lend itself to speed. By feeling your way into the next stitch, you’re trusting your crochet skills to help you progress through the project. Take your time to make sure you don’t miss (or even add) any stitches. On the upside, most faux fur yarns are either super bulky or jumbo weight anyway, so your project will work up fast regardless of your crocheting pace.

Crocheting with faux fur yarn can be incredibly fun and the project opportunities are endless. Taking the time to thoughtfully consider your patterns and crochet style can make using novelty yarns an exciting experience! When you’re ready, give these faux fur yarns a try:

If you’re ready to try your hand at something new, give my Mika Vest a try! Get all the details in this blog post, and find the pattern for sale in my shop!

Mika Vest Crochet Pattern | Crochet Faux Fur Vest Pattern, sleeveless, with pockets and hood. Made with Super Bulky yarn in white color Fable Fur from Knit Picks, also available in Black, brown, gray, and tan. Wear with turtle necks or thin sweaters. Great holiday and winter outfit Inso. DIY your own faux fur vest! | TLYCBlog.com

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  1. AvatarLisa says

    Hi! The worst issue I have with the faux fur yarn is joining… any tips for this? The ends are always slipping out no matter what I do. I have been thinking about sewing the ends together to join them (stitching over the 2″ where I join the yarn). Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      Slippery ends are, unfortunately, a hazard for this yarn. It also happens with velvet yarn. The best way to combat it is to sew the ends together with thread, like you mentioned. Just be careful not to let the sewing thread show.

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