Relaxed Cardis & Cocoons: 9 Cozy Crochet Patterns

quick cardis

On dreary, cold winter days, when I have no intention of leaving the house, there’s nothing like staying cozy while I crochet with my kitties. And a stay-in-my-pjs day isn’t complete without plenty of coffee, a bit of the ID channel, and my favorite handmade cardigan. I’ve recently been obsessed with the selection of crochet sweater patterns hitting Pinterest and Etsy lately. I’m so impressed with how crochet designers are manipulating simple shapes to make chunky cardigans and oversized sweaters. I’ve gathered a few of my favorites for you to try. 

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1. The Habitat Cardigan

Habitat Cardigan Make and Do Crew

Image and Pattern: Make and Do Crew

2. Bubblegum Pullover

Bubblegum Pullover Sewrella

Image and Pattern: Sewrella

3. Veronica Cardi

Veronica Cardi Cardigan tl yarn crafts

Image and Pattern: TL Yarn Crafts

4. Granite Cardigan

All About Ami Granite Cardigan

Image and Pattern: All About Ami

5. Drop Stitch Cardigan

Drop Stitch Cardigan Mama In A Stitch

Image and Pattern: Mama In A Stitch

6. Big Chill Cardigan

Big Chill Cardigan Simone Francis for Simply Crochet

Image and Pattern: Simone Francis for Simply Crochet

7. Night Lights Sweater

Night Lights Sweater Two of Wands

Image and Pattern: Two of Wands

8. Mint Kimono Jacket

Mint Kimono Jacket The Sewing Box Club

Image and Pattern: The Sewing Box Club

9. The Quick Cocoon

The Quick Cocoon Lion Brand Yarn

Image and Pattern: Lion Brand Yarn

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  1. AvatarLori says

    I have made the Veronica Cardi and the Granite Cardigan. Love them both- especially how quickly the Veronica Cardi works up! The Mint Kimono Jacket is something I haven’t seen before. Nice round-up!

  2. AvatarMarie says

    I love your designs! Is the Veronica Cardi one piece, or is it separate pieces to be joined together? Would it be suitable for a boucle yarn?

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      Hi Marie! Thanks so much for your kind words. The Veronica Cardi is made from a few pieces that are then sewn together. I think it would look lovely in a boucle yarn. Maybe consider a traditional yarn for the ribbing sections.

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