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Are You Ready for Your First Craft Show? [IG LIVE Replay]

Summer craft show season is one of my favorite time’s of year. I love strolling through market stalls and finding unique gifts and art made by talented artists. But being a maker at one of these shows is no walk in the park! How do you even know if your handmade business is ready to take on a market? And what questions should you ask before you hand over hundreds of dollars for booth fees?

I’m a strong believer in diversifying your income streams in your handmade business, and adding craft shows to your plate can be a great way to make extra money. For my May 2018 Instagram LIVE series, I’m covering the ins-and-outs of being successful at craft shows. Follow along every Tuesday at 7pm EST while I cover how to keep your craft show application out of the “NO” pile, how to convert craft show customers into lifelong fans, and everything in between.

In this IG LIVE, I covered: 

  • Lessons I learned from my first craft show
  • Why size matters when it comes to handmade markets
  • Understanding craft show fees
  • The difference between a craft show, market, and a festival
  • How to write your best craft show application, every time

Catch my maker community chats LIVE, every Tuesday at 7pm EST on Instagram! And read all of my creative business posts here on the blog.

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