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5 Steps to Setting Boundaries in Your Creative Business

Setting boundaries is crucial to the growth and health of your handmade business. Are you nervous that boundaries will scare away your ideal customer or keep you from that collaboration you’ve been dreaming about?

In this Instagram LIVE replay, I’m busting all the myths about boundaries and showing you how setting limits actually clears the path for ideal customers and collaborators to find you! And when you’re ready to start setting those boundaries, I have 5 easy steps you can take.

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Are your worried that setting boundaries in your biz will scare away you ideal customer? The truth is healthy boundaries help attract more customers and collaborators to your handmade business. Click now to watch my Instagram LIVE replay all about how boundaries lead to possibilities and opportunities, plus 5 steps to setting clear and healthy boundaries for yourself and your business! |

// On this broadcast of @TLYarnCrafts Instagram LIVE, we’ll cover:

-Common myths about incorporating boundaries in your business
-Why your ideal customers and collaborators are actually ATTRACTED to boundaries in your business
-How boundaries can help you clarify your product, pricing, and policies
-BONUS: 5 steps to setting your own healthy business boundaries




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