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Bobble Square

Hi, friends! And welcome to TLYCBlog. Today, I’m so excited to finally share my bobble block for the 2020 crochet Traveling Afghan!

With 16 makers behind me and plenty more talent to come, the crochet Traveling Afghan is shaping up to be a beauty. Whether you’ve been following along since January or you’re just stumbling across this amazing project, keep reading for details to get involved.

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What Is The Traveling Afghan?

The Traveling Afghan is a year-long making project sponsored by Lion Brand in conjunction with their “My Life In Yarn” campaign. Nearly 50 knitwear and crochet designers in seven countries are working together to combine their favorite techniques and stitches into two beautiful sampler blankets.

The crochet afghan started in January were organizer Alexandra of Two of Wands made a lovely basketweave square. Since then, the afghan got its passport stamped in Spain, The Netherlands, and even Gloucestershire, UK before it landed back in the states.

Every two weeks or so, the afghan heads to another designer to add their custom-made block. The whole project will wrap up in mid-December with maker ChiWei of 1 Dog Woof, who will add a perfect border.

How Can I Get Involved?

It’s not too late to join in on the fun of the Traveling Afghan. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Purchase the crochet Traveling Afghan kit from Lion Brand. The kit includes all of the yarn you’ll need to complete your afghan. Choose from the full palette of Wool-Ease worsted weight yarns. NOTE: You DO NOT need to purchase a kit from LB to make the Traveling Afghan. Substitute a comparable worsted weight yarn if you’d like.
  2. Visit the Traveling Afghan landing page. From here, you can access free patterns for each afghan square and keep up with where the afghan is headed next.
  3. Follow the designers on their own blogs and social media. Get the latest on pattern releases and learn more about these 49 makers’ journeys.
  4. Share, Share, SHARE! We can’t wait to see your afghans. Be sure to share your journey on social media and tag @LionBrandYarn and @MyLifeInYarn so we can see your progress. You can also use #travelingafghans and #travelingcrochetafghan on Instagram.
  5. Keep scrolling for the Square 17 free pattern, or get a printable PDF version from TLYarnCrafts.com.
  6. Still have questions? Check out the Traveling Afghan FAQ on the landing page. [CLICK HERE]

Crochet Traveling Afghan, Square #17


The crochet Traveling Afghan square #17 combines simple stitches, high texture, and modern lines for a playful yet styled crochet pattern. A series of three bobble blocks are nestled within one another creating an echo of stitches. A clean border finishes the square, ensuring that it’s easy to join with other squares as the afghan grows.


Skip the ads – get a printable PDF version of this pattern for $1, which includes an easy-to-follow chart for square #17. Click here!


10″ x 10″ square


4″ = 14 stitches x 16 rows in pattern


Bo = bobble (see Notes)

Ch = chain

Fdnsc = foundation single crochet (learn this technique here)

RS = right side

Sc = single crochet

WS = wrong side


  • This pattern begins with a foundation single crochet, which works the starting chain + the first row of single crochet stitches at the same time. This gives the square a flexible foundation and helps it block more evenly. Learn foundation single crochet here!
  • Bobbles are made with the wrong side of the work. They “pop” out of the opposite side of the work and show up better after crocheting the single crochet row that follows them.
  • Special Stitch Bobble (bo): (yarn over, pull up a loop in the indicated stitch, yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook) 3 times, yarn over, pull through all 4 loops on hook, chain 1.


ROW 1 (WS): Fdnsc 33, turn.

ROW 2 (RS) and all even rows: Ch 1, sc across row, turn.

ROW 3: Ch 1, sc 2, (bo, sc 3) 7 times, bo, sc 2, turn.

ROW 5: Ch 1, sc across row, turn.

ROW 7: Ch 1, sc 2, bo, sc 27, bo, sc 2, turn.

ROW 9: Ch 1, sc 8, (bo, sc 3) 4 times, bo, sc 8, turn.

ROW 11: Rep Row 7.

ROW 13: Ch 1, sc 8, bo, sc 15, bo, sc 8, turn.

ROW 15: Rep Row 7.

ROW 17: Ch 1, sc 8, bo, sc 5, bo, sc 3, bo, sc 5, bo, sc 8, turn.

ROW 19: Rep Row 7.

ROW 21: Rep Row 17.

ROW 23: Rep Row 7.

ROW 25: Rep Row 13.

ROW 27: Rep Row 7.

ROW 29: Rep Row 9.

ROW 31: Rep Row 7.

ROW 33: Ch 1, sc across row, turn.

ROW 35: Rep Row 3.

ROW 37: Ch 1, sc across row, turn.

BORDER (RS): Ch 1, sc across to corner, ch 2, rotate to work in row ends, sc in each row end along edge to corner, ch 2, rotate to work into foundation, sc in each st along foundation to corner, ch 2, rotate to work in row ends, sc in each row end along edge to corner, ch 2, sl st in first sc of round. Fasten off.

FINISHING: Weave in all ends. Using a blocking board and Knit Blockers and/or T-pins, pin finished square to 10″ x 10″. Steam lightly with a steam iron or garment steamer. Allow the square to dry completely (if you’re new to blocking, I’ve got a tutorial video HERE!). Use a length of yarn to whip stitch Block #17 to the Traveling Afghan and weave in remaining ends. Visit the landing page to get details on the square order for the crochet Traveling Afghan.

I can’t wait to see your squares and afghans! Be sure to tag me, @TLYarnCrafts, in your posts.

Follow the crochet Traveling Afghan for the remainder of its journey!

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  1. AvatarSherry says

    I am looking for a crochet knit stitch, or waistcoat stitch, Christmas stocking pattern. My daughter-in-law asked me to make my granddaughter an “heirloom stocking”. I love the look of the crocheted knit stitch. Your tutorials are easy to follow and I love your teaching style. Any chance you have a pattern & tutorial that could help me with this project?

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      Hi Sherry! Thanks for your kindness about my patterns 🙂 I don’t have a tutorial for that specific need but there may be some options on YouTube or Pinterest.

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      I’m so glad you like it! When I finished it I couldn’t help staring at it – I just got lost in the symmetry 🙂 Have fun with your blanket!

  2. AvatarCathy V. says

    Just reading through the instructions & found row 10 is missing & wondered if it was an oversight or if the rows are numbered incorrectly?

  3. AvatarKim says

    Beautiful square! I love bobbles. Just a quick question. I notice there is no row 22. Is it missing or are the rows just misnumbered? Thought I’d ask before I start the square.

  4. AvatarLindsay says

    Hey Toni! I have absolutely been loving your square and have found even more of your patterns I want to try! These are really easy for me to follow..

    My question as a beginner crocheter is do you have a recommendation for how to go about crocheting the border down the row edge? It’s not really working for me as it made that side WAY too bulky when I finished it. I frogged back to the corner for now…

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      Hi! If you find that the single crochet stitches along the border are making things bulky, try making the border with a smaller hook. That might help. Otherwise, you can skip the border and attach your square to the blanket as is 🙂

  5. Avatarbecca says

    Love your square! But I seem to be stuck and I wanna make sure this is correct. I understand that row 2 and all the even rows are single crochet, but then after row 3 there are 3 sc rows (4,5,6). row 7 puts me on the incorrect side for the bubble… Is that correct?

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      Hi! Bobbles are made on the wrong side of the work. For Row 7, you’re looking at the wrong side, but your bobble will present on the right side. Hope that makes sense 🙂

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