Introducing the Yarn Hive Community: A Crochet Enthusiast Exclusive Membership!

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Finally, the moment we’ve eagerly been waiting for has arrived! Today, TL Yarn Crafts proudly throws open the doors to the Yarn Hive Community – a vibrant space overflowing with creativity and bound by a shared passion for crafting.

The Yarn Hive Community, once an intimate gathering of dedicated yarn enthusiasts in our closed Beta, is now opening its doors wide to welcome new members into our warm embrace. Yes, that’s right – it’s your turn to join the Yarn Hive Community!

In the last three months, our Beta Hive has been alive with laughter, creativity, and plenty of stitches. This happy time of crafting together makes us want to invite more people into our friendly group. Let’s all work to grow our hive, sharing love and skills as we build a place where everyone can be creative and feel like family.

Are you ready to join the Hive? Visit the landing page RIGHT HERE!


Kiki Shawl – an exclusive Yarn Hive tutorial with PDF pattern!

Step into the Yarn Hive Community and buzz through our exclusive stash of tutorials and patterns, hidden gems tucked away in our honeycomb of resources. Explore our hive of on-demand videos and patterns, ready to spark your inspiration or set you buzzing onto your next project. And don’t forget to flutter over to our community channels, where you can share in the sweet nectar of personal connection and conversation with fellow honeybees. We’ve got something special brewing in the Hive, just for you!

Interactive Weekly Live Chats

Our Weekly Live Chats have quickly become the heartbeat of our community. These chats are where you can share, learn, laugh, and connect in real-time with yarn enthusiasts from all over the world. It’s the perfect place to feel the buzz of our vibrant Yarn Hive family!

Shawlalong – Our Inaugural Crochet Along

Our Shawlalong takes flight today in the Hive, buzzing with the excitement of weekly prizes! As we stitch our shawls beginning April 1st, every loop and stitch binds us tighter in the Hive’s embrace, crafting not just stunning wraps but a shared tapestry of creativity and community. And there’s a chance to win some gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from our favorite dyers.

Yarn Hive Book Club

Jump into our Yarn Hive Book Club now! We’ve just announced our new book selection, and you’re just in time to join the conversation. It’s the perfect spot where the storylines of captivating books intertwine with the rhythm of your stitches, weaving together a rich tapestry of literature and crafting.

Guest Speaker Series Kicks Off in May

Anticipate a monthly treat starting in May with our guest speaker series. You’ll have top industry pros sharing their hard-earned wisdom straight on your screen, spicing up your skills with their years of experience.

The Yarn Hive is all about bringing people together through the love of crafting. It’s a shared adventure where creativity meets companionship, creating a warm and welcoming space for everyone involved.

Anticipate Crochet Alongs (CALs), charity events, workshops, and delightful surprises that reignite our passion for crocheting, all waiting for you in our vibrant Yarn Hive Community.

Today marks a special day as our Yarn Hive Community buzzes to life, weaving together stories and skills from every corner of the globe. Our hooks are all a-buzz and ready to go! How about you? Ready to dive into the Hive?

Take advantage of our 7-day free trial to see what all the buzz is about. Welcome home, honeybees – let’s begin this adventure together, right now!


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