10 Best Free Crochet Pattern Sites & Resources

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Are you on the hunt for fabulous and free crochet patterns to fuel your creativity? Look no further, because your favorite Yarn Snob is back, armed with a curated list of the 10 Best Free Crochet Pattern Sites & Resources!


Looking for free crochet patterns to fuel your creativity? Look no further! Here are the 10 Best Free Crochet Pattern Sites & Resources. | TL Yarn Crafts

Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting on this wonderful yarn-filled journey, these 10 free crochet sites & resources are bound to inspire your next project. 

1 // Ravelry – A Global Hub of Creativity

Ravelry is often considered the ultimate sanctuary for crochet and knitting enthusiasts. Boasting a staggering database of more than 1.2 million patterns, Ravelry is a one-stop shop for aspiring and seasoned crocheters. The platform features nearly 300,000 free crochet patterns, making it a paradise for crafters.

What sets Ravelry apart is its community aspect. It’s more than just a pattern database; it’s a space where you can connect with like-minded crafters, share your creations, and even find your local yarn stores. Estimated Free Patterns: 300,000+

2 // AllFreeCrochet – Traditional Meets Friendly

For those who love the charm of traditional stitches, AllFreeCrochet might be your new favorite spot. This site hosts a vast collection of classic patterns, all accessible without an account.

With its extensive array of patterns and easy-to-follow tutorials, AllFreeCrochet is a haven for both beginners and intermediate-level crocheters. Estimated Free Patterns: 100,000+

3 // Independent Designers – The Heart of Creativity

Another fantastic resource is the websites and blogs of independent crochet designers. Each designer brings a unique flair to their patterns, making it a delight to explore their creations.

Most designers offer free versions of their patterns on their sites, and they get paid based on ad revenue generated from your visit. So, spending time on their site is a win-win! Estimated Free Patterns: Varies by designer, but many designers offer a free version of their patterns.

Looking for free crochet patterns? Start HERE!

4 // Ribblr – An Interactive Experience

Ribblr is a relatively new contender in the free pattern game, bringing a youthful energy and modern approach to the craft. What sets Ribblr apart is its interactive pattern format – you can strike through lines as you complete them, and your progress is saved across all devices. Estimated Free Patterns: 500+

5 // LoveCrafts – A Global Crochet Community

LoveCrafts is a site that caters to crafters worldwide. Although best known for its vast selection of yarn, LoveCrafts also boasts a rich collection of free crochet patterns.

The site features patterns from both major yarn companies and independent designers, making it a diverse source of inspiration for your next project. Estimated Free Patterns: 10,000+

6 // Lion Brand – Fresh Yarns, Free Patterns

Lion Brand is a trusted name in the yarn industry, and they also provide a wealth of free patterns. The site offers a dynamic duo of fresh yarns and free patterns, catering to a wide range of tastes and skills. Estimated Free Patterns: 5,000+

7 // Wool and the Gang & We Are Knitters – Chic and Modern

Wool and the Gang and We Are Knitters are two separate companies with a similar approach to crochet. Both brands offer modern, chic patterns, including some freebies. Estimated Free Patterns: 20+ each

8// Yarnspirations – A Haven for Yarn Lovers

Yarnspirations is the parent company of many popular yarn brands, including Red Heart, Caron, and Bernat. They offer an impressive collection of free crochet patterns, accessible without an account. Estimated Free Patterns: 5,000+

9 // Hobbii – Your Crochet Wonderland

Hobbii is a dream come true for any crochet lover. This site is home to a vast collection of free patterns and crochet supplies, making it a great place to find everything you need for your next WIP. Estimated Free Patterns: 1,000+

10 // The Library – An Underrated Gem

Last but not least, don’t forget about your local library! Libraries often have a rich collection of crochet books, magazines and ebooks, each filled with patterns waiting for your creative touch. Estimated Free Patterns: Varies by library, but possibilities are ENDLESS!

As we explore these crochet pattern resources, remember to show appreciation for the designers who pour their hearts into these creations. When we use a free pattern, consider tagging the designer on social media or adding your projects to platforms like Ravelry and Ribblr. Happy crocheting, my friends!

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