7 Tips to Master Instagram Hashtags [IG LIVE Replay]

7 insta tips

Truth: You are one of over 800 million monthly users on the Instagram platform. Getting found in search is crucial but much easier than you’d think if you do it right. Using the best combination of niche-specific and popular hashtags helps potential fans and followers find you. Here are 7 steps to master Instagram hashtags and elevate your content.

With the new algorithm, hashtags are even more important than they used to me. Nearly 100 million photos are shared on Instagram daily. The app needs a way to filter through all the noise and put your image in front of the right people. Hashtags are one way Instagram connects users with the exact content they are most interested in. But just any hashtag won’t do – it’s important to find and use hashtags directly related to your niche.

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Want to get more eyes on your Instagram content and improve your chances of being found in search? Follow the same 7 steps I did to up your game using Instagram hashtags! | TLYCBlog.com

Should I be using 11 hashtags or all 30 that Instagram offers? Should my hashtags go in the caption or a separate comment? What is a banned hashtag? Weed through all the myths and misinformation about using hashtags and build a strategy that works for your handmade business in this week’s Instagram LIVE replay.


  • Common myths about using hashtags on Instagram
  • Time saving tips to find and use the best hashtags for your content
  • How to organize your hashtags and keep them within reach
  • BONUS: Why using the same hashtags daily is actually HURTING you chances of being found in search

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Have you seen a change in Instagram engagement since the latest algorithm change? Leave a comment to share your grievances and triumphs in outsmarting the app and finding your ideal customers. Tune into my weekly Instagram chats each Tuesday at 7PM ET for more tips and advice for running a successful handmade business.

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  1. AvatarMorgan says

    You better turn that engagement into dollars hunty! Thanks so much for posting this so much fantastic info. I fell into the “shadow ban” foolishness too and was driving myself nuts.

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      I think we all got shook by the shadowban nonsense. Bottom line – if we produce quality content, our audience will find it!

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