How to Make Picture Perfect Yarn Pom Poms

Picture perfect pom poms

You could say I’m a little crazy for yarn pom poms. Nearly all of my hat designs have pom poms, I hosted an Anthopologie-inspired yarn pom pom wall hanging event with Craftin’ Outlaws this year, and I just added the most adorable pom poms to a baby blanket design that I’m obsessed with. So I’m here to share my pom pom love in the form of a tutorial video. #pomlife

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I couldn’t even begin to count how many pom poms I’ve made in my life. But I do know that my favorite way to make them is with a Clover pom pom maker. These magic plastic marvels make the pom pom process a pure joy. They come in 7 different sizes from mini (3/8″) to jumbo (over 4″!).

If you’ve never tried a Clover Pom Pom Maker, you’re in luck! I recorded this short tutorial to take you from pom novice to pro in no time.

In this video, I cover:

  • Why Clover pom pom makers are the best ever
  • The different parts of the pom pom maker
  • How to pick the right yarn for your pom pom maker
  • The RIGHT way to wrap yarn for perfect poms
  • How to give your pom pom a proper haircut

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