Storage & Organization Tips for Your Yarn Stash

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Is clutter keeping you from living your best creative life? A well-organized craft space is key to unlocking your greatest potential! Efficient yarn storage and notion organization really make a difference. Here are a few of my favorite tips, tricks, and storage hacks to get that stash under control. I hope they inspire you to make the most of your crafting area, whether it’s a small corner or a dedicated room.

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Stop yarn chaos! Simple storage & organization tips for yarn enthusiasts to tame your stash & unleash your creativity.

Classic and Creative Yarn Storage Solutions

Yarn takes up the most space in my stash and has special needs for storage, like light and pest protection. I personally love to be able to see what I have, so it’s easy to feel inspired when working on a new project, too. Here are a few ideas for yarn storage:

Glass Front Furniture – Bookshelves & Cabinets

Bookcase for organizing yarn

Glass front cabinets are so pretty and let me see exactly what I have on hand! Don’t be afraid to repurpose some vintage furniture, like an old china cabinet or hutch, or go for a more modern look with options like the Ikea Billy Bookcase, which has both full glass and half glass door choices. 

Utilizing Nightstands, Drawer Units & Rolling Carts

Rolling Cart for Craft Organization

If you love keeping track of your projects in well-decorated notebooks, I bet you have a lot of pens and maybe even a few rolls of Washi tape. Rolling utility carts are extremely versatile ways to tuck away stitch markers, pens, stencils, threads, buttons and more. Bonus, they can roll with you to another room, carrying everything you need with you.

Ottomans: Dual-Purpose Seating and Storage

Ottoman for yarn storage and organization

Of course, sometimes you need more than just a cube to hold your yarn. One of our staff members recently purchased some storage ottomans for her craft space. She swears they’ve not only decluttered the room but also added the perfect decadent aesthetic and a place to kick up her feet while WIP’ing away.

Maximizing Space: Under-Bed Storage Solutions

Under Bed Organization & 
Storage Solution

Plastic bins are a very affordable and accessible choice, and I definitely have a few of these at home! Totes that go under a bed make are a great place for hidden storage. Anything stored in plastic should go inside the house, since varying hot and cold temperatures can damage fibers. 

Organizing Your Yarn Collection with Handmade Crochet Baskets

Crochet basket for yarn organization

Don’t forget my Starlight Basket or the Jessie Stash Basket patterns, either–these crocheted bins make adorable yarn storage for small stashes, especially, or current projects. They also have the added benefit of using up some of your stash for a quick and easy crochet project. 

Practical Storage & Organization for Hooks and Needles

Organize small notions with this photo storage solution

Do you struggle with how to store your crochet hooks and knitting needles? Keeping your needles and hooks in a vintage tin or sticking out of a jar is pretty, but if you have a lot of tools, you might want to try something different for needle & hook storage. 

  • If you have more than a few sets of needle tips or a lot of hooks, consider sorting by size in photo storage boxes or repurposing pencil cases. I have a set of these color-coordinated 4 x 6” storage boxes. The size is great for shorter hooks or Tunisian hooks, and store inside a larger carrying case. You can also consider traditional photo storage boxes, which have many decorative and beautiful options to coordinate visually with your space. 

Organize Your Notions & Tools for Easy Access

Organize small notions

Stitch markers and small tools can easily get lost in the shuffle of a busy workspace. Keep them visible and at hand with these clever storage options: 

  • Using a dresser or storage setup with drawers? Consider stackable drawer inserts like those used for jewelry! The individual cells come in different sizes for earrings and bracelets but can easily store stitch markers, scissors, and little extras. 
  • Tackle boxes, cosmetic carrying cases, art supply boxes and smaller tool boxes are already designed to store lots of little items, and they do just as well with notions as they do with fishing hooks, nails and lipsticks. You probably already have one of these at home.

Perfect Organization Options for Project Bags

Divider Shelf for closet shelf organization

The perfect project bag can be anything – a free promotional tote bag up to an expensive, all-leather option with bells and whistles designed for crafting. It should be easy to grab on the go and store all your favorite items. 

  • Fold smaller tote bags and store them inside larger ones for quick and easy project bag organization. I store a box of folded tote bags in my craft room closet and often give them away to friends shopping in my stash. 
  • I love collecting pretty project bags. A great way to put them on display is to use vertical shelf dividers used for storing purses. You can also put a post-it note on the shelf below to help you remember which projects are in progress without peeking into the bag. 

Make Organization a Part of Your Practice

Dreambox organization & storage system

No matter how much stash, how many notions, or how many tools you’ve collected, it’s never too late to get your craft space organized! It feels so good to walk into a clean space and find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Discover more innovative ways to declutter and organize your yarn with practical tips from my YouTube video ‘Say Goodbye to Clutter with These Yarn Organization Hacks!’:

I’m sure many of you have fantastic tips of your own for organizing and storing your crafting materials as well. Share your struggles–and successes–with me below!

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