10 Must-Have Crochet Tools + Notions from a Pro Pattern Designer

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I’ve been crocheting for over 20 years and running my pattern design business for nearly 10. With that level of dedication, I need the right tools by my side at all times. I like to balance form and function, adding a touch of luxury to my everyday stitching. Today, I’m sharing 10 of my personal favorite crochet tools and notions you might want to check out.

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Common Crochet Tools + Notions

One of the best things about crochet is how inexpensive it is to adopt this hobby. To start, all you need is a crochet hook, scissors, and a bit of yarn. I strongly recommend crochet beginners invest in a good crochet hook (find out why), but there’s no need to break the bank on the other supplies.

Check out this video if you’re curious about what items you may need in your crochet toolkit. I shared 12 essential items to have on hand so you can crochet anything.

Toni’s Favorite Things

Once you’re ready to take your relationship with crochet to the next level, it’s time to upgrade your tools and notions. I’ve spent the last 10 years trying different crochet hooks, scissors, tape measures, and project bags to develop a sizeable craft supply collection. There are a few items I reach for over and over, though. Here’s a list of my absolute favorite crochet tools and notions from my stash.

1 // BQueen Collection Crochet Hooks

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – BQueen Collection makes some of the most magnificent indie hooks out there. Makenzie and her husband lovingly hand-turn various kinds of wood into handles and insert Clover brushed aluminum hook heads. The “crown” of the hook is customizable and is designed to look like a chess piece. Though on the pricy side, I consider these an investment. BQueen has a shop update once per month – follow them on Instagram for news to get your hands on these hooks.

Update 5/4/2023: After a devastating house fire, BQueen Collection is no longer in operation. I still use my beloved hooks, but they cannot be purchased anymore. Check out this blog post for more info on my favorite hooks from big companies and indie makers.

2 // Folding Scissors

From the couch to the airplane, my project bag goes with me everywhere. That means I need supplies that will breeze through a security checkpoint. Enter folding stainless steel scissors. These little snips are sharp and sturdy and come in various finishes. I go for the classic silver look but poke around the internet for black, gold, and even unicorn colors.

Get the Scissors: WeCrochet

3 // Paisley & Gold Sewing Hamilton Project Bag

Every crocheter has a preferred project bag maker, and Erika of Paisley & Gold Sewing is mine. Erika and I met while I was living in Ohio, where I convinced her to add maker project bags to her inventory. It was a selfish request, but she obliged and continues to come out with some of the most amazing bag styles. Each one is equally practical and gorgeous, it’s hard not to get one of each. I’m especially partial to the Hamilton Bags – they fold flat, expand with the help of a bottom gusset, and come in three convenient sizes.

Update 5/4/2022: Paisley & Gold Sewing officially closed their shop in February of this year. You can still find some bags at local yarn stores. If you need another go-to bag seller, check out Beautiful Syster, based in Chicago. This sister duo handmakes lovely project bags in unique styles and fun fabrics. Shop their in-stock selection here.

4 // Furls Silver Streamline Metal

It’s no secret – I’ve been a fan of Furls crochet hooks since I first scraped the pennies together to get one. They’re beautifully shaped and designed with crocheter’s hand health in mind. They’re best known for their Odyssey hooks, but the Streamline collection has welcomed some viable contenders. Namely, the Streamline Metal hooks, which made their debut earlier this year. These hooks mimic the classic Streamline hook look, but are made from 100% aluminum. They are sold out as of writing this blog post, but I have it on good authority that you can expect to see metal Streamline hooks again in the coming months (maybe even in different colors!). Click “Notify Me When Available” to be the first to know about a restock.

Get the Hooks: Furls

5 // Metal Tapestry Needle

It might seem insignificant, but it pays to put some thought into your tapestry needle style. Weaving in ends is despised by crocheters worldwide. Make the process easier by using a blunt metal tapestry needle. When compared to plastic tapestry needles, metal needles glide through stitches, making it easy to tuck those ends and move on with your project. Pro Tip: I store my tapestry needles on a magnet for easy access.

Get the Needles: Amazon

6 // Organic Lotion Bar from Soulful Earth Herbals

A sweet gift from my friends at Woven Art Yarn Shop introduced me to one of my favorite new products. The constant rubbing of yarn over your hands can leave those digits dry as the Sahara. The Organic Lotion Bar from Soulful Earth Herbals is here to save you. This was my first introduction to formed lotion bars, and I may never go back. Choose from multiple scents, and look forward to the bar providing months of much-needed moisture.

Get the Bar: Soulful Earth Herbals (online or in-store)

7 // Apple iPad

Inspiration strikes at a moment’s notice, so I keep my Apple iPad ready. I use it to jot down notes, research blog and YouTube video ideas, and communicate with my friends and colleagues. I initially transitioned from a traditional notebook to a tablet to streamline my processes and cut down on my paper waste. Now I can’t live without it! A few accessories were necessary: a case, pencil, and a special screen protector, making it feel like you’re writing on paper. In case you were wondering, I use the Notability app to house my notes and pattern designs.

Get the Tablet: Amazon

8 // Crochet Hooks from CroChic Styles

If you’ve made it this far down on the list, then you’re in for a real treat. These handmade resin hooks from CroChic Styles are one of the latest editions to my hook set and I don’t know how I went so long without them. Where BQueen hooks are timeless and sophisticated, CroChic Styles hooks are playful and lighthearted. This handmade hook company is run by another dynamic married duo – Patty and Paul. Their website has a lovely collection of hooks, but I went the custom route, and it was worth every penny.

Get the Hooks: CroChic Styles

9 // Clover Tape Measure

My tape measure was intentionally chosen like everything else in my notions bag. The Clover Shiro tape measure isn’t cheap, but it will likely be the last one you need to buy. It has a sleek design with a handy loop for attaching to bags and keychains. It extends to the standard 60″ and has an easy-press button to retract the tape. Another fun fact is that this tape measure has fiberglass woven into the tape threads to prevent it from stretching over time. With that much care put into a tape measure, it has to be good.

Get the Tape Measure: Amazon

10 // Gauge Ruler

Gauge rulers are a dime a dozen and are often handed out as freebies from local yarn stores. But I love this one from Knitter’s Pride since it offers so many great benefits. First, you measure the size of your hooks by dropping them into the slot instead of pushing them into a hole. I’ve had more than one hook get stuck in old gauge rulers, so finding this one was a relief. On top of that, you get a thread cutter, 2″ and 4″ options to check gauge, and hook sizes in all pertinent measurements. Drop this handy tool in your notions pouch ASAP.

Get the Ruler: Amazon

Each crocheter is as individual as the notions in their bag. What crochet tools do you like to keep close at hand when you’re stitching? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. AvatarMaggie says

    I add a different kind of needle to my notions pouch, a set of Knitter’s Pride “wool needles”. These have a metal needle, but instead of having an “eye” cut into the metal, there is a flexible plastic loop attached at the end. It’s much easier to thread, and if you’re playing yarn chicken, you need a lot less tail for weaving in because you can wind the needle through your project before threading it, leaving only the loop out and then thread your tail and pull it through. I bought mine from Amazon.


  2. AvatarCarole D. says

    Hi Toni! I love your channel and the great work you do in the crochet community. As an African American woman, I am proud to see how well you shine in this industry. I wish you lived in Colorado so I could attend your local classes. Thank you so much for this excellent course!

  3. AvatarVeronica says

    Just curious if you have given the Yarnology hooks with the multi color rubber handles? I picked up the BC hooks but they were not for me but I am a clover/Bates gal. Also love your book, purchased it when pre sale.

  4. AvatarCaroline says

    I’ve been using a 2 Series ReMarkable to take notes and design pattern-ideas (works even better for me since it has no distractions… just eBooks and a digital notebook to write on… very happy with the Google Drive connection the developers coded in not too long ago…). It was expensive to get, but soooo worth it.

  5. AvatarJoy says

    My project bag is one I made with scrap yarn! My daughter and daughter-in-law had me make them similar ones. (My daughter is a knitter)

  6. AvatarMary Ellen says

    Thanks for all the great suggestions for crochet tools!
    Love your wooden gauge/needle/hook tool – wish you had posted the link for the one you showed in your video:-)

  7. AvatarGlad says

    I use a variety of bags. Current project is in a plastic bag that king size sheets came in. I have bags that I’ve crocheted and custom made bags with my initials. One of which I let on a plane with a project in it. 😭

  8. AvatarMichele says

    I have a reminder for BQueen’s shop update on my calendar, phone and everywhere else that matters! I love, love, LOVE their crochet hooks and I reach for them for every project suitable for the 3 sizes that I have. Looking forward to rounding out my collection. An investment worth every cent for the serious crocheter.

    This year’s Crochet Academy has been wonderful, Toni! Thanks so much for generously sharing your love of all things crochet! xoxo

  9. AvatarNancy says

    Love this! You understand that we NEED practical tools but we also WANT pretty things too. It’s nice to have a pretty hook when you’re doing endless (boring) rows of basic sc

  10. AvatarLesley says

    I keep a pair of folded scissors in all of my project bags. They do come in handy when traveling. I’ve also found that having a good measuring tape is worth it also. Thanks for sharing the link for gauge ruler – a true MacGyver tool!

  11. AvatarGloria Mc says

    In my project bag, I keep scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, tapestry needles and gauge ruler. I like the notions you presented to us. Thank you.

  12. AvatarSusan L says

    Stitch markers are critical for newbies and veterans to crochet! Use them to mark off increments of 25 on a long starting chain, add one to the first stitch so you know where to place the last stitch, or in your first stitch when crocheting in the round.

  13. AvatarSusan L says

    Buy a supply of inexpensive plastic hooks to leave with a project so you can remember what size hook you were using. This way your more expensive hooks are always available.

  14. AvatarMary Ann says

    For travel, I carry a pair of kid-safe scissors from the dollar store. I’ve never had a problem taking them through security, and if I lose them, I’m only out a dollar! They’re just fine for snipping most yarns.

  15. AvatarPatricia says

    I love having a choice of crochet tools I have been crocheting for many years but so much I still have not learned. I have several crochet bags with all of the essentials but I still like buying new ones. I love furls hooks they are so smooth.

    thank you for the presentation on all the tools.

  16. AvatarLinda says

    I keep scissors, tape measure, stitch markers and tapestry needles.I also keep a notepad and pen to keep running notes about the project I’m working on. When the project is complete I put all my notes in my crochect notebook. I think I may try the Ipad, just wondering how to manage it with multiple WIPs. I will definitely get the gauge ruler you recommended.

  17. AvatarLaToniya says

    Toni — After reading this roundup, it’s confirmed— “my crochet bag” is wayyy too basic. Yarn, backup hook, measuring ruler, and large scissors (🤦🏽‍♀️). 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾 This is why I’m here.

    🛒 folding scissors

    🛒 gauge ruler

  18. AvatarKaren says

    I wanted to try the Boo Butter but sadly it was sold out.
    I’m ready to start learning! all the previous posts have been really informative and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s!

  19. AvatarGeriAnn says

    All of my old extra ipsy bags have come in real handy as tool pouches. I’ve got one in every WIP bag now 😅
    Folding scissors, though.. Need to get me some of those

  20. AvatarAlek Felis says

    At the moment I’m looking for Sock Blockers. Prefer to buy it local but can’t find theme in any site, so probably will have to order internationally 🙁

  21. AvatarLujan says

    I love notions and every little thing that may seem “unnecessary” for the non-maker but it just helps you a lot and most of these things you just buy them once and last forever.

  22. AvatarCheryl says

    The recommendation for BQueen hooks is spot on! I own a set and use them most if not all of the time!! Love the CroChic style hooks too but with wood floors, breakage was inevitable and I’m still sad about breaking one. I have waaaay too many project bags and I’m happy to say a few are from Paisley &Gold-Erika is the sweetest.

  23. AvatarMaggie says

    I tend to use the Knitter’s Pride Wool Needles instead of a regular darning needle. They’re great when you’ve played yarn chicken and only have a very short tail to weave in!

  24. AvatarSridevi says

    Hi Toni. I am from India. I absolutely loved your blogs for the past four days. I receive your email at 2 in the morning here, so I can only see it the next day. But trust me I am so happy. The information you share here is useful, I learnt a lot here ( when I say a lot I mean it). Thank you. Keep up the good work.😊 I am so happy I joined the listing 😊🥰😁😆❤️. Bye. Have a nice day😊😁.

  25. AvatarEmmi says

    I have a small Pouch in each of my project bags that I keep everything together so all I have to do is pull it out and have everything in one place.

  26. AvatarMonica says

    This is awesome – I am so glad I started following you on Instagram! I am looking forward to the projects and, of course, buying more yarn. 🤣🤓 Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

  27. AvatarNancy says

    My notions are everything! I have multiples of the things I love. I’d add a nice Clover row counter to the list as well. 😉

  28. AvatarBecky says

    My project bag collection is growing, just added another one. Lol. I should probably invest in a gauge ruler but I love the Clover Amour hooks as well.

  29. AvatarElaine says

    Thanks for the great post! Silly me, I thought I didn’t need any more tools. But I will get the guage ruler and Clover measuring tape. I want to add a recommendation. I use my Glucosent LED Neck reading light from Amazon every day. It’s great for crocheting in front of the TV at night without disturbing your partner. I also use it for black yarn and crocheting with small hooks/fine yarns. It s rests comfortably across my shoulders. It’s rechargeable, has different brightness settings, and it even adjusts for cool or warm light.

  30. AvatarStephanie says

    Unless you are traveling back from India! I had my folding scissors confiscated at the Chennai airport. 2″, blunt, folding scissors are apparently a danger there. It broke my heart! Best tool ever!

  31. AvatarDeborah says

    Toni, I was looking for the BeQueen hook and stumbled on to their website. They have a note posted that they lost everything to a house for and the shop is closed for now, but the family and pets are safe

    I thought you might want to take the link down…..

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      Hi – yes, I found out the next day about the fire. I am still a big fan of BQueen and was devastated by this tragedy. I’ll be keeping the link up as I still value the hooks I was able to get from them.

  32. AvatarDeborah says

    Your tool recommendations are great. I will be adding a gage template.

    Another thing I use are light up hooks. They are very handy for crochet on black and at night.

  33. AvatarCynthia says

    CYC yarn standards great ref for beginners & anyone. I sadly found out after spending alot $$$ that my Clover set of 0-12 sizes isnt same as 0-12 of my US old steel hooks. The set is for very fine lace work mostly. I wanted 0-6 US old sizes. Am beginner & bit old so wanted comfort too. Fortunately the lettered hooks seem be mostly marked like US stndrd. I will use the mm from now on & buy one u hv here which is still bit confusing for chart , mm, crochet sizes, but I will figure out

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      I agree that referring to sizes by the US number gets confusing between different brands, as well as between traditional and steel hooks. I moved to referring to hooks by mm sizes some time ago and it’s helped me understand my tools a lot better.

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