5 Facts You Might Not Know About Furls Odyssey Hooks


Crochet hook collectors, rejoice! One of my favorite crochet hook companies, Furls Fiberarts, keeps cranking out the hits. They just released their new Odyssey Peach hooks, which are not only gorgeous but such a dream to work with. The new hook inspired me to look further into Furls hooks and I learned 5 facts that made me fall more in love with this company.

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5 Facts You Didn't Know About Furls Crochet Hooks | Learn more about Furls Odyssey crochet hooks and try the new Peach collection. | TLYCBlog.com

I’ve been a fan of Furls crochet hooks for ages now. I don’t have every one of them, but I am quite partial to the Steamline and Odyssey collections. I became obsessed with the Streamline Swirls hooks and really went overboard on the Cookies N’ Cream hooks (#sorrynotsorry).

As gorgeous as they are, Furls Odyssey hooks are about more than just the beauty. I did a little digging through the crochet blogs and the Furls website and found 5 facts that made me fall more in love with these luxury hooks:

1// Perfect for Any Hook Hold

Knife and pencil holders can finally agree on something – Furls Odyssey hooks are comfortable no matter how you hold your hook. Knife holders will appreciate how effortlessly Odyssey hooks rest in the palm of your hand. Pencil holders will note that the tapered handle allows the hook to mold to your hand easily.

2// Designed for Speed

One of the distinct features of Odyssey hooks is that they are weighted. I did a review of my new Streamline hooks (watch the full video review here) and did a weight comparison on camera. Odyssey hooks are much heavier than average hooks for a good reason. The weighted handle develops momentum while you crochet, making you stitch faster. After a few marathon sessions with these hooks, I can attest to the truth of this fact!

3// Guaranteed Hand Health

Furls Founder Harrison Richards is passionate about taking care of crocheters. Every Furls hook is designed to cater to the health of your hand, encouraging a hand and wrist relaxation no matter how you hold your hook. Furls backs this claim up with a $500 Hand Health Guarantee. Learn more on the Furls website.

4// Risk-Free Crocheting

As a hook-obsessed crocheter, I’m hypersensitive to defects or problems with my hooks. Snags in the wood or a weird bend in the metal can really interrupt my crochet flow. Furls strives for 100% satisfaction by offering a risk-free crochet experience. If you have ANY problem with your hook, they’ll make it right, no questions asked. I’m part of the Furls Facebook group and have seen the testimony of makers who’ve had their hooks replaced in as short as a couple days. Talk about service!

5// Beauty and Brains in One Hook

As a company, Furls invests a lot into the experience of working with their hooks. But, if I’m completely honest, my favorite part of Furls hooks is how gorgeous they are. There are few companies that can combine beauty and function the way Furls does. Each of their collections (Odyssey, Streamline, Candy Shop, and the original Wood Hooks) is unique and appeals to a different type of maker. No matter what type of hook you gravitate toward, Furls will have the perfect, gorgeous hook for you.

Inspired by the Pantone color of the year Living Coral, the new Furls Odyssey Peach hooks are absolutely perfect for the spring. The handle is a fun combination of bright orange and salmon tones and has the shimmering glitter look that Odyssey hooks are known for.

Unlike past Odyssey hooks, the Peach collection is offered in the classic nickel finish and the luxurious rose gold hook head. Both match perfectly with the Peach handle. I went with the nickel finish for my hooks and I couldn’t be happier. Click here to see the full Odyssey Peach collection, including hooks, holders, and a bowl.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried Odyssey hooks. Do you find they help you crochet faster or make crochet more comfortable for you?

For a nice spring treat, Odyssey Peach hooks are on sale THIS WEEK ONLY! Bundle your hooks and save up to 20% with these coupon codes.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Furls Fiberarts and contains affiliate links – if you make a purchase after clicking one of the links in this post, I will receive a small commission from your purchase. All opinions are my own.

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  1. AvatarQuinn says

    Completely agree with everything you said about them, Toni!
    I have carpal tunnel and arthritis, but crochet is bae, so I do it anyway! I purchased a wooden hook a few years ago to see if it helped. I was already a fast stitcher, but it didn’t hinder my speed at all, AND (the best part) I was able to stitch for months solid and had no hand pain. Love the hooks, and want ALL of them!

  2. AvatarSimi says

    It may have changed, since I gifted one to my sister, in late 2018. But, the following year, Fall/Winter 2019, she returned her more expensive Alpha hooks, for Streamline and Oddysey hooks; because they felt better, for her.

    But, maybe she was able to replace the Alpha I sent, because I sent a gift receipt, when I ordered it from Amazon, to replace one I broke, when she loaned it to me (before I got addicted to Furls, after trying others).

  3. AvatarNeema Sharma says

    Hi Toni!
    I am so glad I’ve discovered your corner of this wide and varied crochet world, and am learning so much from you.
    I wanted some guidance – I am thinking of making the Bradley afghan next, and need to order the 10mm hook. Would you recommend the Odyssey or the streamline? I use the knife grip, and am not sure if the odyssey’s weight might become a problem working on a project as large as an afghan.
    I’d appreciate any insights that you have on this!
    Thank you so much, and all the very best =)

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      Hi! I use knife grip as well and prefer the Streamline. It’s not nearly as heavy. I do find that the Odysseys throw off my rhythm sometimes.

  4. AvatarTa-Mela says

    I’m coming late to crochet so I ran into a need for larger handles quickly, lol. I have a few of both the streamline and the Odyssey. I’ve found the Odyssey slides in and out of my yarn like butter but the weight hurts after a rather short period of time.

    • AvatarElizabeth Moran says

      Thanks for the feedback. The resin is definitely lighter than the metal. Do you find the resin slides as easily?

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