Happy Place Yarn Re-Stock: Full Details + Dye Lot Differences

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After patiently waiting months, Happy Place, a yarn line collaboration between TL Yarn Crafts and Hobbii, is returning for a full collection re-stock! Mark your calendars for the big day – Thursday, March 7th, 2024 at 12noon ET.

Happy Place yarn rocked the knit and crochet community when it debuted in Fall 2023. The attention to detail, unique color palette, all-natural fibers, and budget-friendly pricepoint made for a yarn that any maker would be happy to stash.

But, in all of our excitement to snag the “it” yarn of the season, many popular colors sold out instantly, with several more shades to follow. Since then, requests for a re-stock have been incessant. After a surprising amount of bumps in the road, I’m excited to announce that you’ll be able to get your hands on Happy Place once again THIS WEEK.

Are you ready for Happy Place? Visit the landing page RIGHT HERE!

Meet My Happy Place

Allow me to introduce you to a new experience within each strand: Cotton’s softness meets wool’s warmth for a touchably soft yarn, delivering a treat for your senses. Try the unique feel of this all-natural fiber blend, which adds a lush, velvety touch to even the most basic projects.

If you love color, you’ll love Happy Place! Prepare to be charmed by a mix of luscious earth tones and energetic shades that emit positive vibes. The colors are brought to life by the bouncy 16-ply construction. Each 100g skein offers 273 yards of DK weight possibility to be used on its own or with a collection of colors for an irresistible palette.

Dye Lot Differences

When commercial yarns are dyed, they is given a dye lot number. That number suggests that all yarns dyed in that same lot should be identical to each other. As time passes and more yarn is dyed, those new batches receive their own lot number. The new batches may have subtle tone, temperature, and saturation differences. It is commonly suggested that you obtain enough of a single dye lot when planning projects to ensure consistency.

Now that Happy Place is remerging, I want to share the difference between the original dye lot and the dye lot of the restock. Use the photos and commentary below for reference.

Solid Options

With rich pigments and vibrant colors, the Solid Options are perfect for makers who live boldly. I noticed the biggest difference between the dye lots in these shades. The yarn in the left column is from the original dye lot, and the yarn in the right column is from the freshly dyed batch available in the re-stock.

Tap or click on the images below to see them up close. All images are taken in natural light.

Commentary: Considering how rich the colors in the Solid Option are, a significant difference between dye lots is expected. Here’s what I observed with my naked eye.

  • 01 – Almond increased in saturation, resulting in a warmer-toned color.
  • 02 – Sand also increased in saturation, making a similar transition as Almond to a warmer, richer color.
  • 06 – Ochre feels much more vibrant with a deeper glow.
  • 07 – Peach is warmer-toned, with increased orange pigments.
  • 12 – Blossom has a distinct difference, exhibiting less of a sandy undertone and embracing a warm yellow glow.
  • 22 – Petrol increased in saturation just a touch. The difference is subtle in the skein, but I suspect it is more evident once you start stitching.
  • 25 – Aqua is significantly more saturated, leaning into the green notes of this vibrant color.
  • 29 – Hunter Green now feels closer to a golden olive when compared to the original spring grass color. I adore the depth of this new color and can’t wait to use it
  • 32 – Clay received a makeover, with the new color expressing more of the brown I love and less of the original pink glow.
  • 34 – Cinnamon has transitioned from a brown-green to now displaying as a brown-lilac. The new mahogany hue will compliment spring-themed projects beautifully.
  • 35 – Maple Syrup also has a distinct change with the new dye lot. Whereas it blended red and orange in the original, it now blends red with lilac undertones for a cheery paprika color.

Melange Options

I like to think of the Melange Options as the lighter & sweeter version of the Solid Options. To achieve the Melange effect, the cotton strand of Happy Place is left undyed. As before, the yarns in the left column are from the original dye lot, and the yarn in the right column represents what will be available in the re-stock.

Tap or click on the images below to see them up close. All images are taken in natural light.

Commentary: I saw very little difference between most colors in the Melange Option. I did make two observations:

  • 32 – Clay seems to be more pigmented in the re-stock dye lot. The saturation of the clay-orange color is more prominent. If you plan to use these dye lots in the same project, be sure to alternate skeins.
  • 37 – Salty Licorice feels brighter compared to the original gray. It has a cooler tone but would still blend well with the original dye lot.

Have your Happy Place shopping list? Shop the new dye lot – RIGHT HERE!

Project Inspiration

Squish Pillow, designed for Happy Place – FREE PATTERN HERE

Now that you know what the fresh Happy Place colors look like, here are some ideas for your next project using this gorgeous yarn:

  • Exclusive Designs: Did you know that I designed 8 brand-new crochet patterns when Happy Place launched? And the best part is – they’re all available to download FOR FREE! Check out the Fairy Dust Cardi, the Checked Out Blanket, the Open Book Wrap, and many more – CLICK HERE.
  • Free Patterns: I’ve been curating the free patterns on my blog for years. Today, you can find 30+ patterns and projects under the DK yarn weight category. Browse through them to find your next Happy Place project – CLICK HERE.
  • Ravelry Projects: One of my favorite ways to research a new-to-me yarn is through the projects on Ravelry. See what knitters + crocheters are making with Happy Place Solid and Happy Place Melange for additional inspo.

Introducing the Sabrina Shrug

When the seasons are transitioning, and you’re unsure if it’s late winter or early spring, it’s smart to keep an extra layer nearby. The Sabrina Shrug was designed to be the perfect companion when the weather is unreliable. Made using a strand of Happy Place (50% cotton, 50% wool) with a strand of Hobbii’s Friends Kid Silk (mohair, silk, wool), this piece is equal parts airy and cozy, lightweight with just enough warmth to ward off the morning chill.

I’m so excited about the Happy Place Re-Stock that I had to design a new pattern for it! Get your hands on the Sabrina Shrug as a free pattern on TLYCBlog.com and as a PDF on TLYarnCrafts.com on Thursday, March 7th – the same day as the Happy Place Re-Stock!

Now that you have the details and the inspiration, it’s time to plan your Happy Place shopping list. Choose wisely and don’t delay – we expect the more popular colors to sell out once again. Set your alarms and click the link below to shop the re-stock on Thursday, March 7th.

Shop the Happy Place Re-Stock – CLICK HERE!

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