How to Balance Your Personal Life with Your Maker Life [IG LIVE Replay with Alex of @AlexCreates]


As a full time maker, one of the questions I get asked most often is how I balance my personal life with my creative life. I am a wife, a best friend, a daughter, a sister, and so many other things to people I love. Every one of those relationships is important to me, as well as the other passions and hobbies I have. So, how can I enjoy all of those things in life while still expressing myself through my handmade business?

That’s such a tough question to answer, so I brought my friend Alex Reynoso onto my weekly Instagram LIVE broadcast to share his thoughts. Alex is the yarn dyer, crocheter, knitter, spinner, and all around yarn artist behind Alex Creates. When it comes to creating balance, Alex has his hands full – he recently became a full-time maker (YAY!), moved into a studio space earlier this year, is currently in school for pottery, and has a vibrant personal and family life. At only 22 years old, he’s accomplished a lot in the maker community and wants to do so much more.

In our fun and giggly IG LIVE chat, we covered:

  • How to build and run a successful handmade business
  • Why it’s so important to diversify income in your handmade biz
  • What the heck is a yarn bomb?!

I had such a blast chatting with Alex on Insta! Find out more about him and his gorgeous hand-dyed yarn on his website, and follow his many projects and passions on Instagram.

Catch my maker community chats LIVE, every Tuesday at 7pm EST on Instagram!

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