Crafting A Temperature Blanket In 2024: Your Ultimate Guide!

Linen Stitch Squares for Temperature Blanket

So, you’re itching to start the vibrant voyage of crafting a temperature blanket, but feeling a tad overwhelmed about where to begin? Trust me, I get it. It’s like signing up for a 365-day marathon that requires tracking temps, curating colors, and maintaining momentum throughout the seasons.

Never fear, dear crafter! With years of experience under my belt, I’m here to guide you through your 2024 temperature blanket adventure.

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Start Your 2024 Temperature Blanket Journey with TL Yarn Crafts Ultimate Guide to crafting a temperature blanket in 2024 top tips for planning

What is a Temperature Blanket?

A temperature blanket is a chronicle of a year in yarn. Create a range of temperatures and assign a color to each range (called a “color gauge”), and you crochet a row/square on your blanket to represent each day in its assigned color.

There’s so much to love about starting a temperature blanket. You get to pick your favorite colors and yarns to make it with, you can pick from dozens of projects to make your blanket unique, and you can watch your blanket grow over the course of the year as you tick of each day.

8 Tips for Planning Your Temperature Blanket

Starting a new temperature blanket project is exciting, but there are lots of moving parts. Follow these tips for ideas on creating your first (or next!) temperature blanket from scratch.

1 // Kickstart Your Temperature Blanket Planning

Tip #1, and arguably the most crucial: Jumpstart your temperature blanket adventure by planning like a pro!

For me, October is the ideal month to plan for the next year’s temp project. It’s my designated time for brainstorming designs and sourcing color inspiration. I often turn to platforms like Pinterest and Ravelry, though a Google search with terms like “temperature blanket designs” can be equally fruitful.

Take this period to immerse yourself in the creative process and gather ideas from other crafters. Whether you’re pinning inspirations on Pinterest, making a checklist, or doodling, it’s all about personalizing your project. And if you’re sourcing materials online, allow a couple of months for timely arrivals.

Start Your 2024 Temperature Blanket Journey with TL Yarn Crafts Ultimate Guide to crafting a temperature blanket in 2024 top tips for planning

2 // Discover Your ‘Why’

Next up: Define your ‘why’. It might sound a tad mystical, but trust me, come mid-year when motivation wanes, this ‘why’ will be your beacon. It’s the driving force behind your temperature blanket journey. Is this project for your guest room’s decor, a heartfelt gift, or a year-long personal challenge? Identify your driving force and keep it central.

3 // Define Your Temperature Blanket Design Decisions

Setting out on your temperature blanket adventure is all about selecting that perfect project that resonates with your crafty soul. To ensure your stitches flow smoothly, let me serve up some tried-and-true insights to guide your creative journey:

Decoding “Temperature Blanket”:

  • Temperature: This is the daily data you’ll chart. While temperatures offer daily variety, don’t be boxed in. A popular alternative is a ‘mood blanket,’ where colors depict different emotions. Or consider daily steps, sports scores, or any other daily metric.
  • Blanket: Your craft piece is where your personality shines. Blankets are like the Swiss Army knife of the crochet world – endless possibilities from size to stitches. Rows or motifs? It’s your call. But, hey, don’t box yourself into just blankets. Ever thought of a temp-scarf, shawl, or (dare I say) a dress? Start your scheming early and you’ll have a project that’s not just another task, but a daily treat.

Lastly, solidify a few specifics:

  1. Timeframe: Is this for the current year or a poignant past one?
  2. Timeline: Starting on January 1st or another significant date? When does it end?
  3. Data Details: Tracking the day’s highest, lowest, or an amalgamation of temperatures?

For my 2024 endeavor, I’m going with the Linen Square Temperature Blanket. Each month gets a square with 33 rounds—one for each day, the extras in an accent shade. Starting January 1st, I’ll note the peak temperatures. 

4 // Crafting Your Temperature Gauge

Setting your temperature gauge is like laying the foundation for a house. The strength of this foundation determines the beauty of the finished product.

Premade Gauges vs. Personalized Gauges:

  • You might spot some beautifully crafted gauges on Pinterest or crafting forums. They’re a great quick-start solution. I’ve curated my own set of gauges for each of my temperature blankets, which you can find HERE.
  • But if you’re like me and love to tailor things, creating a personalized temperature gauge can be rewarding. Dive into wunderground.com, where you can access historical weather data. This data helps you make an accurate gauge, reflecting the true temperature fluctuations of your chosen year.

Gauging Tips:

  • Look for patterns. Do certain temperatures persist for extended periods? For instance, in the Midwest, summers see consistent high 70’s and 80’s, so the temperature range there can be tighter. Cooler temperatures can have broader ranges if they’re infrequent.
  • If you’re in a consistently hot or cold region, adapt accordingly. Areas with more consistent temperatures might benefit from narrower degree ranges, even as small as one or two degrees, allowing for more color differentiation.

Remember, your gauge is a guiding tool. If mid-project you feel it’s not resonating, adjust it. It’s your crafting journey, after all!

5 // The Art of Yarn and Palette Selection

The yarn and color palette you choose will be your constant companions. Reflect on your initial inspirations. What shades tug at your heartstrings? Got a must-have color? Use it as your foundation, then weave in neutrals and complementary shades. 

Start Your 2024 Temperature Blanket Journey with TL Yarn Crafts Ultimate Guide to crafting a temperature blanket in 2024 top tips for planning

Yarn Matters:

  • Wool: Particularly superwash merino wool is a winner for its softness, color variety, machine washability, and weight versatility. Non-superwash varieties are great too, but they need extra care. Try to avoid high-end fibers like alpaca or yak unless budget isn’t a constraint.
  • Acrylic: An all-weather friend! It’s springy, easy-care, wallet-friendly, and ideal for those sensitive to wool. Plus, the color variety is usually extensive.
  • Plant-Based Fibers: If you’re in a tropical zone or just love the feel of cotton, bamboo, or linen, these can be your go-to. They’re breathable and long-lasting but can be a bit stretchy and heavy.

Creating Your Dream Palette:

  • Begin by deciding on the number of shades you’d like. The range typically swings between 6 and 15.
  • Unshackle yourself from the traditional. Dive deep into pastels, embrace earthy vibes, or bathe in jewel tones. This is your canvas to paint as you see fit.
  • Use digital tools or hands-on yarn samples to craft your dream palette. The goal? A spectrum that delights you every time you add a new row.

Stocking Strategy:

  • While there’s no exact science to predict yarn usage, it’s wise to start generously. A minimum of 200 grams per color sets a comfortable baseline.
  • Experience shows that frequently used colors might require a couple of restocks as the project progresses.

6 // Get Organized!

Time is precious. Organize your essentials for easy access. Document crucial details like temperature gauges, pattern notes, yarn types, and more. Whether you prefer digital apps like Notability or a traditional yarn journal, consistency is key. Also, a well-organized storage system is a boon. A project pouch containing a crochet hook, scissors, stitch markers, and a measuring tape ensures you’re always ready to crochet.

7 // Plan Your Temperature Blanket Stitching Routine

While consistency is admirable, it might be daunting to crochet daily. Set up a feasible schedule. Personally, Sundays are my dedicated crochet days, with any additional days being a bonus. Find a rhythm that aligns with your lifestyle, and remember, flexibility is a virtue.

Start Your 2024 Temperature Blanket Journey with TL Yarn Crafts Ultimate Guide to crafting a temperature blanket in 2024 top tips for planning

8 // Buddy Up for the Blanket Journey

Crocheting alongside a crafty friend? Pure gold! Dive into your local scene—yarn shops, community hubs, or even that cozy library nook, they might just have the perfect crafting circle. More of a digital darling? Come hang in the TLYC Makers space on Facebook. It’s where all the magic happens online!


The moment you’ve eagerly anticipated is here: Unveiling my 2024 Temperature Blanket Palette!

I’ve mapped out my 2024 temperature blanket palette and the stars of the show? A collection of 12 vibrant solids straight from my ‘Happy Place’ yarn line. And guess what? If you’re vibing with my choices (or even if you want to make your own magic), explore the complete Happy Place palette HERE!

Hobbii Happy Place Yarn TL Yarn Crafts Yarn on Bed Woman Smiling at Yarn

To keep your creative juices flowing throughout the year, join me for a casual temperature project make along! Use #tempblanket2024 on Instagram. And for the most up-to-date news and updates, be sure to join my Facebook group, TLYC Makers!

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  1. AvatarNancy says

    Thanks so much for sharing your 2024 palette! I’m waiting for my first, smaller, delivery of Happy Place to arrive so I can get a sense of it and make a smaller project or two. Then, as the colors restock, I’ll get what I need for a blanket! I’ve taught myself the linen stitch square from your video, and while I wait will figure out my temp ranges and colors. Very excited and glad for a project that is in squares and very portable!

  2. AvatarJackie says

    I am into tunisian crochet and was thinking about doing a temperature blanket in the simple stitch. Would I count the return pass as part of that day? I believe it would so the color change would be at the start of the row. What do you think. Thank you, Jackie

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      Cool idea! My first TB was Tunisian crochet, and the one I’m currently working on is, too. Yes, if one row of your blanket counts for one day, the Forward AND the Return pass would be the same color.

  3. AvatarLisa B. says

    I love the small diagonal granny square temperature blanket. Can you please tell me if you used DK or Worsted yarn and the size of each individual square? Thanks very much.

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