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Crochet Chill Square for the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2021 – Free Pattern

Hi friends! And welcome to Today, I’m excited to share my contribution to the Knitter Knotter Tunisian Blanket CAL, the Crochet Chill Square!

In case you’re new here, hi, I’m Toni, and I love making blankets. So, when Arunima of Knitter Knotter asked me to contribute to her 2021 Tunisian Blanket Crochet Along, I was all over it. I developed a square that’s meant to be a palette cleanser. Give your mind a moment to relax while you crochet the gorgeous Chill Square.

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Tunisian crochet chill square for the 2021 Tunisian Blanket CAL. -free batter, beginner friendly |

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What is the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2021?

Crochet alongs are a fun way to engage hundreds or even thousands of makers from around the world in a fun project together. For the Tunisian Blanket Crochet Along (CAL), Aru of Knitter Knotter gathered 24 Tunisian crochet designers to contribute 12″ x 12″ square designs to this fun project.

The idea is to introduce curious makers to Tunisian crochet in a supportive, energetic way. A new square and designer are introduced every 2 weeks. Each new square is a free pattern and/or low-cost printable. By the end of the year, you’ll have a unique blanket that shows off the new skills you learned.

How Can I Get Involved in the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2021?

It’s not too late to join this fun event! No matter your skill level or experience, we’d love to have you participate in the Tunisian Blanket CAL.

  1. Purchase your yarn + supplies. Each square requires 130 yards of worsted weight yarn. For all 24 squares, plus yarn for joining and making the border, you’ll need approximately 4000 yards of worsted weight yarn. Some squares use more than one color, so consider getting 3-4 different colors. You’ll also need an 8mm crochet hook with 6″ cord (or use a straight TC hook like THIS ONE), scissors, locking stitch markers,measuring tape, and a tapestry needle. I’d also recommend getting blocking supplies, like these boards and these pins.
  2. Learn the basics. If you’re brand new to Tunisian crochet, it will help to learn the basics. Check out THIS beginner video to learn beginner techniques in just 60 minutes. Then check out THIS video for tips on choosing and using Tunisian crochet hooks, and browse THIS video playlist for more techniques and fun stitches to practice.
  3. Get the patterns. Aru and all of the designers are generous enough to make this patterns FREE to view on their blogs. You can also find all of the patterns for sale of free download on Ravelry. You can find links to all of the squares on Aru’s blog HERE or sign up for her email list and get alerted when new patterns release.
  4. Share, Share, SHARE! Drop into the KnitterKnotter Hangout on Facebook to share your progress and get help. You can also share your square on Instagram by tagging Knitter Knotter and using #KnitterKnotterTunisianBlanketCAL2021 so we can see how well you’re doing.
Tunisian crochet chill square for the 2021 Tunisian Blanket CAL. -free batter, beginner friendly |

Crochet Chill Square

There’s nothing quite like falling into the rhythm of a new crochet stitch. I’ve been tracking the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2021 designs and they are all gorgeous. Makers have been using color and technique in such interesting ways. But, every now and then, I want to turn my brain off while enjoying the experience of my hook and yarn. The Crochet Chill Square gave me the permission to stitch a little slower and enjoy a meditative crochet moment.

My crochet philosophy is driven by the idea that a design doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. Projects of every skill level and intricacy are equally valid. The beauty of the Tunisian Blanket CAL is that you can tackle tricky patterns that challenge your abilities one month and ease into a simpler pattern the following month. The Chill Square is here to give you that deep breath you’ve been waiting for.

Tunisian Blanket CAL, Square #22

Tunisian crochet chill square for the 2021 Tunisian Blanket CAL. -free batter, beginner friendly |


The Crochet Chill Square combines two basic stitches, the Tunisian knit stitch and the Tunisian simple stitch, to produce a knit-look texture. Rhythmic stitching creates an all-over pattern that you can’t help but stare at.


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12″ x 12″ square


4” = 12 sts x 11 rows in pattern


Ch = chain

Lts = Last Tunisian Stitch

RetP = Return Pass

Sl st = slip stitch

St = stitch

Tks = Tunisian knit stitch

Tss = Tunisian simple stitch

Yo = yarn over


-Last Tunisian Stitch (Lts): Insert hook under BOTH vertical bars of the last stitch and complete as for Tss.

-Return Pass (RetP): Ch 1, (yarn over, pull through the next 2 loops on hook) until 1 loop remains on hook.


ROW 1: Ch 36, pull up a loop in the back bump of the 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, ch 1, (yo, pull through 2 loops) until 1 loop remains on hook.

ROW 2: (Tss 1, tks 1) across row, Lts last st, RetP.

Tunisian crochet chill square for the 2021 Tunisian Blanket CAL. -free batter, beginner friendly |

ROW 3: (Tks 1, tss 1) across row, Lts last st, RetP

Rep Rows 2 and 3 to 12”. This took me 33 rows, including the foundation.

BIND OFF: Sl st bind off in pattern. Fasten off.

Block to 12” square. Learn blocking basics HERE.

I really hope you love the Crochet Chill Square as much as I do. I’ve got the urge to make it into an entire blanket by itself 🙂

Plan to make the Chill Square? Tag me on Instagram so I can see it too – @TLYarnCrafts. And follow the Tunisian Blanket CAL for the rest of the year HERE. Happy stitching!

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  • Reply Tiffany

    Omg! I love this! I would love to know how u would make an entire blanket?

    November 12, 2021 at 6:38 pm
    • Reply Toni L.

      Hi! To make this stitch, start with any length chain that is a multiple of 2. Then work in the pattern until the blanket is the length you’d like it to be 🙂

      November 13, 2021 at 4:23 pm

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