50+ Crochet Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Beginners

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Whether you’re a brand new crocheter or you’ve been stitching for decades, there are plenty of common mistakes that yarn lovers consistently make. Avoid these mistakes with my two incredibly popular crochet hacks and tips videos. I’ve put them in one convenient place so you can soak in all of this crochet goodness!

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Pro level designer reveals 50+ crochet tips, tricks, and hacks for beginners. Master the slipknot, prevent holes in your work, and much more.

Crochet tutorial videos are a dime a dozen. My biggest gripe with them is that you have to jump from one video to the next, trying to find the answer to your dilemma. For my crochet tips and hacks videos, I compiled every idea I could into two quick videos. Each addresses crochet issues from multiple angles, including learning the basics, managing your yarn stash, and even books and tools that are vital to crochet success.

Grab a pen and paper, and take notes on these 50+ crochet hacks and tips from a seasoned crochet designer. Enjoy!

25+ Crochet Hacks, Part 1

My first crochet hacks video was released in March 2020, when droves of new crocheters were entering the scene. It gained immense traction then and is still one of my most re-watched videos.

What You’ll Learn

  • Crochet hook storage solutions
  • Avoiding holes in the beginning of your rows
  • DIY yarn bowl hack
  • Using household items as stitch markers
  • How to properly weave in your ends
  • 20+ more crochet tips
Pro level designer reveals 50+ crochet tips, tricks, and hacks for beginners. Master the slipknot, prevent holes in your work, and much more.

25+ Crochet Hacks, Part 2

After the success of my first crochet tips video, I gathered expert advice from the crochet community and produced another fun hacks video. This one dives even deeper into the crochet world, helping you broaden your skillset and tackle any pattern you encounter.

What You’ll Learn

  • A simple solution for yarn substitutions
  • The best (and worst) yarns to learn to crochet with
  • The difference between popular crochet hook types
  • A delightful starting chain hack that I constantly use now
  • The importance of mobility and stretching as a crocheter
  • 20+ more crochet tips

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Pro level designer reveals 50+ crochet tips, tricks, and hacks for beginners. Master the slipknot, prevent holes in your work, and much more.

Which of these hacks were your favorites? Were there any hacks we missed in this video? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. AvatarGloria McC says

    Hi Toni. My favorite hacks were diy crochet bowl, threading the tapestry needle, paper clips, bobbie pins and yarn as stitch markers. I’ve used safety pins as stitch markers in the past. Other favorites were joining in the round to keep chains from turning, foundation chains. I liked all the hacks. Thank you for those hacks and tips.

  2. AvatarThadis says

    I like the hacks for -Listening to audible book when crocheting; saving scrap yarn to practicing new stitches. And the hack on starting a chain. These helped encouraged me to not give up on crocheting.


  3. AvatarDonna says

    Every time I watch one of your videos I learn something. Every time. I’ve been crocheting for what seems like 100 years (ok, maybe 45), but your videos (and all the other work you do between patterns, blog posts, Instagram, etc.) has made such a difference in the way I have evolved in the last four or so years. I am eternally grateful to you for making my “hobby” so fulfilling. I won’t even get into the hit my wallet has taken by you introducing me to various Indie Dyers….I am in serious love with several of them. Keep smiling…it does my heart good!!! Thank you sooooo much!

  4. AvatarRoxie says

    I appreciate all the tips and tricks in these two videos. I’ve only been crocheting for 6 months but I am all in! I think the one tip that helped me a lot was figuring out how much yarn is needed for a project. You used the Granny Square as the example which made all the sense in the world to me.
    How to not have holes in the sides of your work was another eye opener. Some of these tips I’ve already heard of but most I haven’t. I will be putting them to use in my future crochet endeavors.

  5. AvatarDonni says

    Wow! Such great crochet hacks, many of which I did not know. Thank you so much Toni for sharing these.
    The ones I found most helpful for me were:
    1-Avoiding twisting your long chains
    2-Standing double crochet…much neater work
    3-Calculating yarn needed…I always just guess for my own creations but doesn’t always work out…ugh
    4-Plastic bag as a yarn bowl alternative…great idea and keeps the yarn clean too
    5-Starting chain trick…so much easier
    6-Tagging WIPs, wish I had known this one decades ago…so many wips that I have no clue about, will just frog them & use yarn for a new project…lol!

  6. AvatarKaren says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!
    I have to bookmark both vids for later review. Thanks for Crochet Academy content, I have learned a ton over the past few days.

  7. AvatarJoy says

    I know know how to do a foundation chain thanks to you. I have watched videos to learn, but yours was the easiest to follow! Most of these hacks I have learned from watching your videos during the last 2 years!

  8. AvatarLaurie Baughman says

    Well……there is a reason this is one of your most popular videos! Thanks so much for all the folks who contributed tips and tricks. You guys are the BEST! Esp: *Jen* from the FB Group! thank you for the crab stitch alternative because that stitch makes my brain turn into a pretzel! Thanks Toni and all the smart people who gave such great ideas. 🙂

  9. AvatarLisa Tharp says

    My favorite tips were the key chain for labeling the hook size and attaching it to the project and the different things to use as stitch markers. I have also used safety pins for stitch markers. They come in lots of different sizes and work great when used for counting the stitches for large projects.
    I have been crocheting for probably 30 years or so and am self taught. Many of the things you have shown I already knew but it is always nice to be reminded of the things that you don’t use on every project. I love the tips on making the turning chains look better without the loop at the end of the row.
    Thank you Toni, for your hard work in all your tutorial videos and tips of the trade.

  10. AvatarValerie says

    Love the tips on storing projects like the key tags! Sooo many other tips I’m going to implement also!! Thanks a bunch to all 😁

  11. AvatarLinda Wright says

    First of all I just want to say that I am a self taught crocheter. My knew how but never taught me. The one thing I found most interesting was how to join granny squares as you go. I never was a fan of trying to sew or crochet them together. Thank you so much for teaching me something new. Also loved you on Knit and Crochet Today as that is where I first found you and you made this art seem so easy.

  12. AvatarJulie A Lafountain says

    It is much appreciated for what you do for the crochet community! I loved the Standing double crochet stitches and join-as-you-go with granny squares. Thank you so much!

  13. AvatarDenise Hall says

    One hack I like to do is replace the “chain 3 and turn” with turn and make a stacked single crochet. When coming back to the stacked sc on the next row, it is easy to get into the stitch rather than trying to find the 3rd chain of the ch3.

  14. AvatarKaren says

    My favorite hack was how to search for a color pallet. I always have trouble figuring out which colors go well together. I had no idea these color pallets were a thing you could find. Thanks so much!

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