How to Make the Perfect Beaded Tassel

Perfect Beaded Tassel

When you’ve been crafting as long as I have, it’s important to have a toolkit of tips and tricks to make things easier. I was recently designing the Boardwalk Shawl and wanted to put some lovely beaded tassels on the ends using the leftover The Wave Wool yarn from the project. I scavenged around my craft room and found some wooden beads to add a boho vibe.

Custom Beaded Yarn Tassels Tutorial Youtube TL Yarn Crafts TV DIY Crochet Boardwalk Shawl Pattern

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Tassels on crochet projects are a hot trend right now. I first used them on my design for the Free Yourself Shawl, an oversized openwork shawl made from warm-weather-friendly cotton. It’s worked top-down with well spaced mesh rows to let the project breathe. The tassels also had wooden beads and were the perfect finishing touch for my first shawl design.

Free Yourself Shawl TL Yarn Crafts Crochet Wrap PatternI had spring on my mind again when I designed the Boardwalk Shawl, a free bottom-up mesh design with simple color blocking and a shorter wingspan. I had just enough yarn left after the project was done to make a few flowy tassels.

Boardwalk Shawl Free Crochet Triangle Wrap Pattern from We Are KnittersWhen making my tassels, I posted my process in my Instagram stories and got so many messages from friends who were surprised at how I made mine. One of my favorite tricks when making tassels is to wrap the yarn around a hardback book and use the grooves in the book to my advantage. I detailed it all in this step-by-step beaded tassel tutorial, available on my YouTube channel, TL Yarn Crafts TV. Watch it below:

I hope that was helpful! Find all of my video DIYs on TL Yarn Crafts TV and don’t forget to subscribe. I have a great series on Tunisian crochet for beginners and a few other tricks from my toolkit.

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