Sh*t Craft Market Customers Say [Instagram LIVE Replay]

Craft Market Customers

I’ve got a pretty long list of things I learned from my first craft show in 2013. I learned that lime green baby blankets never have been and will never be in fashion, that high heels are generally a poor choice, and that people can be pretty awful.

This is especially true when you’re trying to sell them something. In the span of 6 hours, I heard “My cousin could make that for way cheaper” along with “Did you really make this? I saw something like it at Target”, and “That is just way too expensive. No one would ever pay that much for a beanie.” Yea, not even kidding.

Gratefully, after 4 years of doing craft shows, I’ve developed a tougher skin and some better language to cope with the weird and straight-up mean things people say at craft shows. Now that I have a better understanding of who my customer is and where to find them, I get a lot less “Can I get a discount on this?” than I used to.

Bottom line: Don’t take that shit personally. Some people are just jerks (honestly, assholes) who don’t deserve your product, your attention, or your skills. Even if you still have a ways to go to build your brand and your product line, you are still worthy of respect and every single penny you are asking for. Don’t let anyone shake your maker confidence. Focus on placing yourself and your product in front of customers who appreciate you and are ready to shell out big bucks for the amazing things you create.

If you are still new to craft shows, or just need a laugh, enjoy this Instagram LIVE replay. I try my best to get through 11 crazy things that craft show shoppers say, but I think I made it through 4. So many awful memories, lol.

Main points:

  • Common (infuriating) phrases you might hear from customers at your craft show
  • What we’d all like to say to these customers
  • What we will say (because we’re respectable business people, lol)
  • BONUS: Current projects and fun yarns I’m playing with right now

What kinds of insane things have you heard craft show customers say? Leave a comment below, and let us know how you handled it. Catch my Instagram LIVE streams every Tuesday at 7pm EST for more advice and knowledge about being a handmade biz. 

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