Cozy Bliss: The Best Chunky Throw Blankets For Your Home

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Snuggle sessions are simply the best, no matter the season! Curling up under a big, chunky throw blanket is my favorite way to spend most evenings. Whether I’m watching movies, working on a new project, or I just need to warm up, handmade crochet blankets make this time and my space a LOT cozier!

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Elevate your home with a chunky throw blanket and cozy up any room in no time with this simple, fast project.

Why Opt for Chunky Throw Blankets? 

Elevate your home with a chunky throw blanket and cozy up any room in no time with this simple, fast project.

Creating a chunky throw blanket, while it does require a generous amount of yarn, is an incredibly satisfying endeavor. I love chunky yarn for crochet because it means I can finish my blanket faster–and spend more time under it! Chunky yarns also provide a beautiful contrast to other, machine-made items in my home. The large-scale stitches combined with a beautiful yarn make for a great accent piece. 

Choosing the Right Yarn for a Chunky Throw Blanket

What kind of yarn should you use when crocheting chunky throws? The final choice is up to you, but easy care yarns are my favorite yarns for blankets. Handmade blankets are large projects and can be pretty bulky to hand-wash, so a yarn designed to go through the machine is a great choice.

Cotton, superwash wool, acrylic, and acrylic-blend yarns are all great choices. Look for yarns with more than one ply (strand) so they’ll hold up to the test of time. Although ultra-soft, squishy yarns spun from a single strand might seem like a good choice, singles are more prone to pilling and fuzzing over time.

If you don’t have access to super bulky yarn for your chunky crochet blanket, don’t worry! There’s a handy trick you can use to achieve that desired bulky weight – combine multiple strands of yarn. This technique allows you to create a custom bulky yarn to give your blanket the thickness and coziness you desire.

Finding Your Perfect Palette: Personalizing Color and Style

Perfect color palette for a chunky throw blanket by TL Yarn Crafts

The sky is the limit when choosing colors and textures for your blanket, but after crocheting chunky throws for decades, I have some favorite style suggestions. 

Playing with Texture

Sometimes, simple is better. Choosing a yarn with an interesting texture plays up interest in a simple crochet chunky blanket pattern. Break up a field of simple stitches with bobbles, or add a colorful and detailed edging (here are 5 Gorgeous Crochet Borders you can try). Don’t be afraid to tackle any textured crochet stitch for a simple but impactful look: many of the classics rely on high-relief that looks great in a single color! Play with chenille, tweed, fuzzy and textured yarns to add another element of interest. 

Color Changes, Stripes and Chevrons

I might have as much fun choosing colors as I do crocheting, and many of my chunky crochet blanket designs make use of a few colors and color changes for BIG impacts. Bold stripes, blocks of color, and even little pops of connecting color can result in some beautiful crochet home decor! If you’re new to color changes in crochet, check out these 3 Easy Ways to Add Yarn to Your Crochet Project and my Guide to Crochet Color Changes

Hot for Temperature Blankets

I’ve made a Temperature Blanket every year for the past three years, and it’s a great way to get a little crocheting done daily while working on a big project. If you’ve never made a temperature blanket before, it’s all about tracking the temperature daily throughout the year using assigned colors. Learn How to Plan the Perfect Temperature Blanket here and Pick the Perfect Temperature Blanket Colors in your chosen yarn. You can use any basic pattern for this blanket; just follow your color guide! 

The Timeless Charm of Granny Square

You might already know how much I love granny squares, and they’re a great way to play around with color and texture in a blanket while keeping your crochet project portable. Granny squares come in so many shapes, sizes, and designs that you’re sure to find a pattern you love. Play with placement and put your squares on a slant for a totally different feel, or puzzle together different sizes of squares for a patchwork look. Don’t know how to granny square yet? Start here with my Ultimate Guide to Granny Squares for Beginners and check out these Four Essential Granny Square Patterns for Beginners to help you get started. 

Extra Tips for Crafting Chunky Throw Blankets

Rustic Rainbow Throw by TL Yarn Crafts

You can elevate even the most beginner crochet blanket with the following tricks and techniques:

  • Start out with a Chainless Foundation. This technique actually makes your starting chain and the first row of stitches at the same time–giving your starting row a more finished look. 
  • Finishing is extra important when working with chunky and bulky yarns, which have thicker ends that might wiggle their way out if they aren’t properly secured! The other step of finishing, blocking, is also important–but it can be tricky with a big blanket. If you’re making Granny Squares, you can finish each square individually before seaming them together using one of these 4 Easy Crochet Seaming Techniques. For larger blankets, use a steamer or tumble dry your blanket on low after misting it with some water. These extra steps smooth out any tension issues and prep your blanket for lots of use. 
  • Feeling some fringe? Take it up a notch by trying Twisted Fringe for a fancy edge – plan for the extra yarn needed.

Taking Care of Your Chunky Throw Blanket

You want your handcrafted blankets to look great for as long as possible, so treat it right! Crochet blanket care is as simple as the materials you’ve chosen, so read those labels.

Many of my favorite blanket yarns can be machine-washed and tumble-dried, making them easy to care for. If your washer and dryer can’t handle heavy loads, hand-wash a blanket in the bathtub and hang it to dry from your shower curtain rod or porch railing. In between big washing days, you can spot-clean your blanket with a wet rag and a little bit of water or mild soap mix. Test your cleaning method in an inconspicuous area first to ensure you don’t lift any color or damage the yarn finish! 

Adding a Personal Touch with Chunky Crochet Blankets

Avon Throw Blanket by TL Yarn Crafts

Blankets and afghans don’t just keep us warm–they act as accent pieces for our coziest spaces! I love draping a bright afghan across the back of a couch or comfy chair for a pop of practical color. There’s something extra-special about discovering a stack of homemade blankets in a closet or cedar chest, too, or reaching into a basket of blankets to find your favorite.

As a bedspread, blankets add soft and squishy layers that invite you to snuggle up! The textures and colors I choose for my throws add interest and texture to my home and are just another layer of my personal, handmade style. Add a blanket (or two) to your space this year and discover the joy of a cozy, crochet blanket for yourself! 

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