Top 12 Crochet Hooks and Their Perks: Discover Your Match

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Selecting the perfect crochet hook can seem overwhelming with the myriad of options available. Whether you’re weighing up materials like aluminum vs. bamboo or considering styles such as inline or tapered, making an informed choice is vital for any crocheter.

Drawing on years of experience, I’ve curated a definitive list of the Top 12 Crochet Hooks especially for you! This guide is designed to simplify the selection process, offering insights into the best crochet hooks for every level of crocheter.

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Beginner’s guide to crochet hooks. How to choose and use crochet hooks. Best crochet hooks for beginners. Understanding hook sizes.

Choosing the Right Crochet Hook

Just as a painter chooses the ideal brush, a crocheter needs the right hook. It’s not just about looks; it’s essential to recognize that the best hook aligns with your technique and ensures consistent comfort. Before we delve into my top recommendations, let’s get acquainted with our essential tool:

Crochet Hook Anatomy

Every crochet hook, whether traditional, ergonomic, or novel, encompasses a few distinct features. Marrying these attributes with your individual crochet technique will shape your hook preference.

  • Head: Encompasses the throat (leading to the tip), point (top of the hook), lip (below the head), and bowl (formed by the lip for yarn capture). It’s where you first engage with stitches. An ill-fitted head can challenge even seasoned crocheters.
  • Shaft/Shank: Extending towards the hook’s body, it’s situated just above the thumb rest.
  • Grip/Thumbrest: Designed for ease, it varies across hooks and influences your crocheting style.
  • Handle: It rests in your palm during the knife hold or floats above during the pencil hold.
Two close up images of a crochet hook with text labelling the names of each part of the hook
Image Source: Doradoes.co.uk

Exploring Crochet Hook Varieties

Given the diverse crochet applications from amigurumi to Tunisian crochet, it’s vital to recognize the tools best suited for each style. Here’s a concise breakdown of the popular types:

Beginner’s guide to crochet hooks. How to choose and use crochet hooks. Best crochet hooks for beginners. Understanding hook sizes.

Traditional (left): Simple and functional, often by brands like Boye and Susan Bates.

Ergonomic (middle): Crafted to alleviate crochet-related discomfort, often integrating soft handles or unique shapes.

Hand-carved (right): Artisanal wooden hooks, showcasing craftsmanship and individuality.

Beginner’s guide to crochet hooks. How to choose and use crochet hooks. Best crochet hooks for beginners. Understanding hook sizes.

Novelty (left): These hooks, available on platforms like Etsy, incorporate innovative designs and materials.

Steel (middle): Primarily used with fine lace yarn, they’re perfect for intricate patterns.

Tunisian Crochet Hooks (right): Serving the hybrid craft of Tunisian crochet, these hooks are versatile and increasingly popular.

Materials to Consider:

  • Aluminum Hooks: Versatile and smooth, ideal for high-tension yarns.
  • Wooden Crochet Hooks: Crafted from bamboo or other woods, they’re sturdy and warm to the touch.
  • Plastic Hooks: While affordable, their quality varies. Prioritize well-known brands.
  • Polymer Clay-Wrapped Hooks: These metal hooks come adorned with polymer clay, adding a touch of personal flair.
  • Steel Crochet Hooks: Durable and fine, they’re tailored for intricate crochet patterns.

A Quick Note on Store Brands and Online Bargains: While craft stores have their brands, and online platforms like Amazon offer plenty of choices, always prioritize quality. Your hands and your projects deserve the best.

Inline, Tapered & Hybrid

Inline vs. Tapered // It’s all about personal preference. Inline hooks like Susan Bates Silvalume have a straight throat, while tapered ones like Boye have a rounded design. Test both to see which feels right for you.

  • Inline: all features of the hook head are in line with the shaft from the shank to the point.
  • Tapered: the throat tapers down as you reach the hook head, and the lip extends beyond the shank.
  • Hybrid: some unique combination of the two styles.

Image source: WeCrochet

Beginner’s guide to crochet hooks. How to choose and use crochet hooks. Best crochet hooks for beginners. Understanding hook sizes.

Crochet Hook Grip Dynamics

Your grip is as individual as you. Experiment with varied grips and finger placements to discern your perfect hold. Most crocheters lean towards:

Beginner’s guide to crochet hooks. How to choose and use crochet hooks. Best crochet hooks for beginners. Understanding hook sizes.
  • Pencil Grip: the hook is held like a pencil with the handle floating above your hand.

  • Knife Grip: the hook is held like a knife with the handle nestled in your palm.

Image source: WeCrochet

Navigating Crochet Hook Sizes

Understanding hook sizes and their conversions is pivotal, especially when dealing with international patterns or making online purchases. Hook sizes often hinge on the desired fabric texture. The subsequent chart offers balanced tension suggestions using standard stitches. Keep in mind that using a larger hook will produce a more relaxed texture, while a smaller one results in a tighter finish.

When following a pattern, always begin with the recommended hook size. If you’re freestyling without a specific pattern, use the chart as a starting point, then adjust your hook size as needed to achieve your preferred result.

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

UKMetricUSRecommended Yarn Weight (yarn category)
142.00mm0Lace (0)
132.25mmB/1Lace to Superfine (O-1)
122.5mmC/2Superfine (1)
113.00mmSuperfine (1)
103.25mmD/3Superfine (1)
93.5mmE/4Superfine to Fine (1-2)
3.75mmF/5Superfine to Fine (1-2)
84.00mmG/6Fine (2)
74.5mm7Fine to Light (2-3)
65.00mmH/8Light (3)
55.5mmI/9Light to Medium (3-4)
46.00mmJ/10Medium (4)
36.5mmK/10.5Medium to Bulky (4-5)
27.00mm10.75Bulky (5)
08.00mmL/11Bulky (5)
009.00mmM/13Bulky to super bulky (5 to 6)
00010.00mmN/15Super bulky (6)

Top 12 Hooks for Every Kind of Crocheter

1 // Best Overall – Clover Amour
The Beyoncé of crochet hooks! They’ve got style and substance.

Clover Amours, beloved in the crochet world, offer a 10-hook set ranging from 2.25mm to 6mm. Sporting a matte finish and ergonomic rubber handles, each handle showcases a unique color and is marked with its US and metric size for effortless selection. These hybrid hooks merge the top attributes of both tapered and inline designs. Key advantages: Suitable for various grips, widely available, and designed for swift crocheting.

2 // Best Inline: Susan Bates Silvalume
Vintage charm from the 60s, like your favorite retro dungarees

Since the 1960s, Silvalume hooks have been synonymous with Susan Bates. Ranging from 2.25mm to 10mm, these affordable aluminum hooks are perfect for crochet enthusiasts. They undergo anodizing for a flawless finish, boasting a smooth feel, round shape, and a wide thumb rest. Key advantages: Design includes a sturdy body, inline hook head for reduced wrist strain, and a deep hook groove ideal for thicker or slick yarns.

3 // Best Tapered: Boye Aluminum Crochet Hook
Colorful as a rainbow after a summer rain

In the crochet world, it’s often a divide between Team Bates and Team Boye. If you’re a Boye devotee, their iconic aluminum crochet set is a must-have. Crafted from aluminum, these hooks feature a round body and a distinct flat thumb spot. Their defining characteristic is the tapered neck and the extended rounded hook tip. The set is adorned in pastel shades. Key advantages: Features an extended handle compared to Bates, a polished semi-gloss touch, and specialty sizes like 5.25mm and 5.75mm.

4 // Best Bamboo – Chiaogoo Bamboo Natural
It’s like crocheting with nature

For those seeking a sleek aesthetic without compromising on functionality, consider Chiaogoo’s Bamboo Natural hooks. Crafted from Chinese Moso bamboo, these hooks combine lightness with durability. Their smooth texture offers warmth to your hands, ensuring a comfortable crochet experience. While they may come at a higher cost when compared to other standalone hooks, avid crocheters vouch for their precision and consistent tension. Key advantages: Resilient bamboo build, unmatched consistent quality over time, and a size variety from 3.5mm to 25mm.

5// Best Plastic – Susan Bates Luxite
Minimalist chic on a budget

For budget-friendly minimalism, Susan Bates’ Luxite hooks are ideal. These straightforward white plastic hooks have sizes etched for easy identification, and their inline design echoes SB’s Silvalume, but they’re significantly lighter in weight. Caution with smaller sizes—they can break, especially for tight-tension crocheters. Key advantages: Wallet-friendly, widely available, and featherlight.

6 // Best Ergonomic – Furls Wooden Streamlines
If crochet hooks had a spa day, they’d come out looking like this!

While Clover Amour tops my personal list for ergonomic hooks, let’s spotlight Furls Wooden Streamlines here. Furls stands out for its innovative design, tackling the most stubborn crochet challenges. Their hooks sport a hybrid head and a teardrop handle tailored for palm grip (not ideal for pencil-grip users). I recommend the wooden Streamlines for their cost-effectiveness and lightness compared to other Furls offerings. Key advantages: Lightweight, a savvy choice for those with modest budgets and high standards, and crafted with hand comfort in focus.

7 // Best Jumbo – Clover Amour Large Hooks
For when you need to go BIG!

Clearly, I’m a Clover hook enthusiast. Their vast hooks are available individually or in sets, making them an excellent pick for jumbo hooks. Unique to the U.S. market, they even boast a 7mm size. While maintaining the shape and rubber handle of their smaller counterparts, the jumbo hooks utilize robust, light plastic, ensuring durability. Key advantages: Available as singles for tailored choices, exclusive 7mm size, and vibrant handles for easy size identification.

8// Best for Thread – Clover Amour Steel Hook
Tiny but mighty, like a chihuahua in a handbag

Clover meticulously crafted their crochet hook assortment. Their steel hooks are designed for crochet thread, an ultra-fine 100% cotton yarn. Each steel hook has its protective sheath, emphasizing their delicate nature with pastel rainbow handles. Despite their diminutive size, they are robust, combining steel and rubber in their construction. Key advantages: Vibrant color-coded grips, comfortable rubber handle, and a comprehensive set for intricate crochet work.

9 // Best Indie – Letto Workshop
Small businesses, big hearts!

The most treasured crochet hooks often lie hidden, away from mainstream store aisles, and are birthed by dedicated artisans. Letto Workshop, nestled in Ukraine and helmed by the heartwarming pair Stan and Julie, is a testament to this. Their exquisitely detailed hooks cater effortlessly to all hand sizes. The duo’s craftsmanship shines in their diverse range, from fully hand-carved wooden hooks to those with metal inserts. Key advantages: With prices starting at a modest $19, it’s clear that cherishing small businesses needn’t be costly.

Explore my top 12 crochet hooks, each with their unique advantages. Find the perfect crochet hook for beginners and expert stitchers!
Image Source: Letto Workshop Instagram | Shop Leoo Workshop HERE

Other notable indie hook makers: CroChic Styles, Ophire Co., Pink Sheep Design, and KnitBrook’s Hook BBs

10 // Best for Beginners – WeCrochet’s Dots Hooks
Crochet with sprinkles on top!

For novice crocheters, the ideal hooks should blend comfort, simplicity, and affordability. Enter the Dots Crochet Hook Set from WeCrochet, a fresh addition to the crochet community. This vibrant 9-hook set spans sizes from 2.0mm to 6.0mm. The handles combine rigid plastic with a rubberized, colorful overlay. Features like the rectangular thumbrest, size markings, and stitch marker holder at the base add finesse. Key advantages: Eye-catching color-coded designs, a generous 6.5″ hook length, and embossed size markings for durability. Watch my review of these hooks here!

11 // Best Travel Hooks – Tulip Etimo (Large set & Small set)
Precision Perfected: Seamlessly blending comfort with craftsmanship

Renowned for its ergonomic brilliance, the Tulip Etimo hook is a blend of precision crafting and durability. With its cushion grip, it promises hours of comfortable, fatigue-free crocheting. Recognized and trusted by both professionals and enthusiasts, it’s a testament to excellence in the crochet world. Key advantages: Ergonomic cushion grip for extended comfort, soft case for easy packing, and added notions included. Watch my review of these hooks here!

Explore my top 12 crochet hooks, each with their unique advantages. Find the perfect crochet hook for beginners and expert stitchers!

purchase large hook set

purchase small hook set

Crochet Hooks Wrap Up!

Finding the right crochet hook can transform your crafting experience. The goal is to strike a harmonious balance between comfort, functionality, and a touch of style. As your crochet journey unfolds, I’m eager to witness your beautiful creations.

Have a favorite hook that’s your go-to? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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  1. AvatarLindY G Sherrod says

    I’ve been Crocheting a longggggggg time, my fav hooks are Etimo. They fit my hand just right, slide thru yarn like a hot butter knife. What more can I say….perfect. Love your blog and videos.

  2. AvatarCheryl Johnson says

    I love my Clover hooks. They work with all types of yarn. I wish they had a Tunisian hook with cables. I use the original grey Denise Interchangeables. I must have a rubber handle. Tks for the blog…

  3. AvatarElaine says

    So glad to see the Tulip hooks included. I have crochet hooks in abundance. Plastic, steel, aluminum. But once I discovered the Tulip hooks I was amazed at what a difference they made to my creating comfort. Love them!!! I would recommend them to to anyone who wants comfortable, well made hooks. A little more expensive than craft store hooks, but SO worth it.

  4. AvatarAngie Kummer says

    So I have been crocheting for 30+ years! I have used Susan Bates Silvalume hooks for as long as I can remember. I have tried using Boye and Furls hooks but find that the tapered makes my stitches tighter and not comfortable to use. I would be curious to know if an item made using the same yarn and same size hook, one Susan Bates and the other Boye, would turn out the same size? My guess is that the one made with the Boye hook would be smaller.

    • AvatarElizabeth Moran says

      Really it depends on your gauge. If you are used to working with in line hooks your personal gauge could be different using a different type of hooks. Gauge is such a universal and personal tricky thing 😉

  5. AvatarDonna Bradley says

    I have tried several times to join your TLYC makers group and never received a reply
    And I doing something wrong.
    I love your patterns- blog – hacks and your Tunisian Crochet book is the way I finally learned
    Please help

    • AvatarElizabeth Moran says

      Hi Donna, Please make sure you are answering the questions in the application. Look forward to seeing you there!

  6. AvatarCarol A Boteler says

    Great article. I have to agree, down the line. However I use a pencil grip so I can’t speak to the knife grip preferences. This is the article I looked for a few years ago as I re-started my crochet habit.

  7. AvatarLinda Wolf says

    Very much appreciated and enjoyed your crochet hook assessment. I use a knife grip. I can use either inline or tapered hook with 4 ply yarn, but definitely want an inline hook for bedspread cotton.

  8. AvatarPatti Moomaw says

    Toni, yours is the first crochet hook review article I’ve completely agreed with! I’ve been a crochet pattern designer, instructor and teacher and have crocheted for the past 53 years, and I too am a fan of Clover Amour hooks; I believe they’re the best all-around hook out there. Thank you for your fine, ok detailed post!

  9. AvatarDee Espericueta says

    Thank you for sharonf this! The inline vs tapered functionality is the only hook detail that’s hard for me to grasp but you explained things so clearly! I LOVE Clover Amour tiny hooks for amigurumi and when going big I love my new carved hook from SagesCellar ♡

  10. AvatarSteph says

    I highly recommend Henryettas Hooks. A small bespoke company who make wooden crochet hooks with many different adaptations to suit multiple needs.

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