Summer on the Hook: Must-Try Crochet Trends for 2024

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Crochet pieces have been sauntering down runways for decades, so it’s no surprise to see crochet garments in the fashion spotlight again this year. You may not look to fashion magazines for inspiration, but we think these trend-inspired pattern collections will tickle your making fancy. From everyday wardrobe staples to practical storage for your spring cleaning, your next favorite project awaits you!

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This year, we’re over being a wallflower and ready to stand out with our handmade wardrobe. Of course, you can use any color that makes you happy, but we think these will be particularly beautiful in bright, bold colors like neon yellow or bright red. This Summer, shine like the star that you are.

Bright and Bold Spring Pattern Suggestions by TL Yarn Crafts
  1. Roxie Tank by TL Yarn Crafts
  2. Daisy Dream Bomber by Anastasia R. Smith
  3. Gracie V Neck by Holly Woodward Designs
  4. Spring Blossom Blouse by Anastasia R. Smith

2 // Spring Cleaning

When you crochet everyday items for your home, you bring something magical into daily life. These baskets, washcloths and storage solutions are practical and fun and work up quickly for the ultimate satisfaction of WIP to wonderful. After all, an organized home is a happy home! Look for sturdy cotton yarn in a heavy weight for luxurious baskets that will serve you for many years to come.

Spring Cleaning Patterns by TL Yarn Crafts
  1. Starlight Basket by TL Yarn Crafts
  2. Half Moon Washcloth by TL Yarn Crafts
  3. Jessie Chunky Basket by TL Yarn Crafts
  4. Fireside Basket by TL Yarn Crafts
  5. Chunky Crochet Basket by Ned and Mimi

3 // Elegant Evenings

Nice weather is the perfect invitation for dining and drinks al fresco. Rock breezy layers and dainty accessories that keep you comfortable in changing temperatures while expressing your inner spring princess. One more bonus – warm weather patterns work up much faster than heavy sweaters, and require less yarn, giving you the opportunity to splurge on an extra special project without breaking your budget.

Elegant Evenings pattern inspiration by TL Yarn Crafts
  1. All About That Drape by I Need It Crochet
  2. Dehlia Clutch by Darling Dana Designs
  3. Flamingo Summer Top by Sarah Ruane
  4. Spencer Top by Courtney A. Clark
  5. Camaro Crop Top by TL Yarn Crafts

4 // Weekend Shopping Trips

Totes and market bags are always on trend! The perfect bag is like a good friend, helping you carry all of yourself. Whether you’re headed to the farmer’s market, a picnic, or tea with your girls, a handmade bag takes your day to the next level. These low yardage projects are also a great way to use up scraps and stash yarn. Here are some of our favorite crochet bag patterns.

Summer Crochet Bag Trends by TL Yarn Crafts
  1. On The Go Bag by TL Yarn Crafts
  2. Rose City Tote Bag by TL Yarn Crafts
  3. Summer Harvest Market Bag by Stitch Berry
  4. Fresh Market Tote by TL Yarn Crafts

5// Daily Delights

Some of the most satisfying makes are the ones you wear again and again. Crafting your own favorite piece of clothing is one of the best ways to put on a daily glow. Whether you’re looking for simple, clean lines or versatile layers, the patterns below are a great candidates for your next wardrobe staple cast on.

Spring and Summer Pattern Inspiration by TL Yarn Crafts
  1. Granite Yoke Tee by Janine Myska
  2. Saltwater Taffy Tee by Evelyn & Peter
  3. Third Street Shawl by TL Yarn Crafts
  4. Aruba Tunic by TL Yarn Crafts

Every chilly evening is made better with the perfect big scarf, shawl, or blanket. When crocheting a blanket, look for worsted- and DK- weight yarns that are machine washable. Most people aren’t interested in hand washing a blanket! Scarves and shawls can be made with more delicate fibers if you wish – typically, you won’t wear a scarf nearly as hard as a throw blanket on your couch! Big projects like these take time, but they’re so worth it! 

Spring and Summer Crochet Trends by TL Yarn Crafts
  1. Gumball Afghan by TL Yarn Crafts
  2. Bestie Scarf by TL Yarn Crafts
  3. Omar Wrap by TL Yarn Crafts
  4. Rebozo Wrap by Alexandra Tavel
  5. Amber Afghan by TL Yarn Crafts
  6. Catrin Scarf by Amy Chritoffers

Spring/Summer 2024 brings a wave of exciting new trends in crochet fashion. A relaxed, airy polo-style crochet shirt offers timeless style. When crocheting a dress, choose yarns that provide comfort and breathability for warmer days. Bows are making a comeback, adding a fun and feminine touch to your accessories. Projects like these not only showcase your skills but also keep you on trend for the season.

Summer Trends 2024 by TL Yarn Crafts
  1. Calad Shirt by Jessica Tsung
  2. Aviva Dress by Alanna Miall
  3. Dahlia Hair Tie Bow by Isabel Cecilia
  4. Bow Hat by Tran Uyen
  5. Limonata Top by Ana D

Your perfect spring WIP is the one that lights you up the most. Spend some time sorting through your stash of yarns and patterns, then get out your wishlist of patterns you’d love to make (or start a new one!). Lead with intention and love for your craft to maximize the joy in every stitch. What are you planning to cast on next? Maybe your next project will start a crochet trend of its own!

For even more warm-weather inspiration, check out my video below!

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