Sunrise Coaster: A Free Crochet Beverage Mat Pattern

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Add a DIY element to your room decor with the Sunrise Coaster, a FREE crochet pattern designed for the Crochet Academy.

I recently moved into my first home, and I have the insatiable urge to put my crafty touch on everything. I set my sights on my bare dining table when a lightbulb went off. After making these three Sunrise Coasters, I couldn’t stop. And you won’t be able to either! Give them a go with this free crochet pattern.

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TL Yarn Crafts Sunrise Coaster

Easy Crochet Coaster Pattern

The Crochet Academy is all about learning to crochet and feeling proud of your progress. What better way to practice your new crochet skills than with a quick and easy crochet coaster pattern like the Sunrise Coaster?! In just one pattern, you get to practice basic stitches, working in the round, increasing, and vital finishing steps.

I’m obsessed with the Sunrise Coaster because of how fast they are to make. After memorizing this beginner-friendly crochet coaster pattern, I started cranking them out while watching a few true-crime docs on Netflix. Before I knew it, I had one in every color to mix and match on my dining room table.

Sunrise Coasters by TL Yarn Crafts

The Best Cotton for Your Crochet Coaster

Cotton has long held the crown as the best material for home decor projects like coasters, washcloths, and dish towels. It’s absorbent, inexpensive, and easy to find in many colors. With so many new cotton-based yarns entering the market every year, crocheters have their pick of beautiful options to play with.

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

I’ve become quite partial to Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton for my crochet coaster projects. 24/7 Cotton first debuted in 2016 and has been used for everything from home decor to clothing and accessories ever since. This yarn comes in lots of gorgeous, rich colors and is available from many of my favorite retailers like JOANN, Amazon, and on the Lion Brand Website.

Explore Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton and buy it HERE.

Variety of Sunrise Coasters by TL Yarn Crafts

Sunrise Coater Details


Fall in love with the adorable Sunrise Coaster. Crocheters of every skill level will appreciate this quick crochet coaster pattern, worked in the round and finished with a sweet scalloped border. Make your coaster set in solid colors, or play around with changing color each round for a truly unique project.


TL Yarn Craft's Sunrise Coaster made with Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton


About 5.25 inches measured end to end across the center


Ch = chain

Dc = double crochet

MR = magic ring (learn it here!)

Sc = single crochet

Sk = skip

Sl St = slip stitch

St(s) = stitch(es)


-Starting ch-2 counts as a dc throughout the pattern.

-This pattern uses crochet shorthand. “2dc” means to place 2 double crochet stitches into the same stitch.

-Be diligent about counting your stitches at the end of each round. In addition, this style of working in the round prevents an obvious seam at the join, but can make it tricky to know where to place the last stitch. When you complete a round, count your stitches to ensure a proper count.

Sunrise Coaster Pattern

Let’s make the Sunrise Coaster together! Follow along with this stitch-by-stitch tutorial:

ROUND 1: In MR, ch 2 (counts as first dc here and throughout), dc 11, close ring, join with a slip stitch into the dc after the ch-2. DO NOT TURN. (12 dc)

ROUND 2: Ch 2, 2dc in the st at base of ch, 2dc in each st around to last st, 1 dc in last st, join with a slip stitch into the dc after the ch-2. (24 dc)

ROUND 3: Ch 2, 2dc in st at base of ch, dc in next st, (2dc in next st, dc in next st) around to last 2 sts, 2dc in next st, sk last st, join with a slip stitch into the dc after the ch-2. (36 dc)

ROUND 4: Ch 2, 2dc in st at base of ch, dc in each of the next 2 sts, (2dc in next st, dc in each of the next 2 sts) around to last 3 sts, 2dc in next st, dc in next st, sk last st, join with a slip stitch into the dc after the ch-2. (48 dc)

ROUND 5: Ch 1, sc in st at base of ch, sk 1, 5dc in next st, sk 1, (sc in next st, sk 1, 5dc in next st, sk 1) around, join with a sl st in the first sc of the round. Fasten off.

FINISHING: Weave in all ends. If your coaster is laying flat, there is no need to block it. If there is cupping or bunching, gently steam your coaster with a steam iron or garment steamer. Dry on a blocking board or pressed between two heavy books.

TL Yarn Crafts FREE crochet coaster pattern.

In the blink of an eye, your Sunrise Coaster is all done! I can already sense how marvelous of a job you did. Pat yourself on the back, and grab something cold and delicious to rest atop your brand new crochet coaster.

Then, share your project with me on Instagram by tagging @TLYarnCrafts and #TLYCMakers, and flaunt your latest achievement in my private Facebook Group.

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  1. AvatarRoxie says

    I can’t wait to start making coasters! I only have 2 colors at the moment but I can still get a lot of coasters out of 2 skeins! Thanks for the pattern, video and everything I have learned in Crochet Academy 2022. I had fun.

  2. AvatarMarsha Carson says

    I am so excited to start making coasters!! Thank you for doing the Crochet Academy. I have been crocheting for a long time off and on, but I always learn something new or how to do something better thanks to your instructions and helpful tips. You are an awesome teacher.

  3. AvatarSonja says

    I’m considering using the Sunrise pattern to make trivets for hot dishes. Could you recommend an appropriate yarn for that purpose? I’d also consider using a backing of felt. Any thoughts much appreciated. Thank you!

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      Great idea! 100% cotton is ideal for projects like this, as it absorbs the heat without damaging the fiber. Be careful of the felt you buy – many felts in craft stores are synthetic and therefore not heat resistant. Look for a wool felt instead.

  4. AvatarLinda says

    We just finished the last Crochet Academy zoom. I am so greatful for you and the community you have created. I Crochet it what I call a Crochet desert. No one around me crochets, so I value you and this community. I have tried to join the Facebook group but have had technical issues. I follow you on every platform and will continue to support yoi because you have made me value my love for Crochet. Thank you for the validation to pursue with gusto all things Crochet.

  5. AvatarValerie says

    I’m super bummed I haven’t been able to join any of the zoom chats due to work but, I’ve still had tons of fun learning and watching! Thanks much and can’t wait to watch you more in the future!!

  6. AvatarAnne says

    I loved making the coaster. Your instuctions are always so clear, both the verbal instructions and the video. Such a sweet little project that was quick to learn and quick to make. I’m just so excited to be part of this amazing journey with you and all the other participants. I noticed on the Facebook group there was a question that was answered by other people in the group without judgement. Such a great bunch of kind people. So, so glad I’m part of it.

  7. AvatarDonna says

    How do you crochet a square border around entire coaster? I would like to make then connect each “flower square” to create a baby blanket.

    Thank you for a great video!

    • AvatarElizabeth Moran says

      I bet that would be gorgeous. We currently do not have a tutorial for turning the coasters into squares, you can try searching for crochet circles into squares, and some videos may give you some guidance there.

  8. AvatarKarriAnne says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m left handed and your instructions and video were easy to read.
    I have struggled with the magic ring as well and you tutorial made it seamless.
    I’m so happy with the outcome and hope to see more of your work.

  9. AvatarCathy says

    I love your Sunrise Coaster pattern, and plan to make some as gifts when I visit my family for thanksgiving. I would like to make them in the beautiful fall colors you used in your picture. My local Joann’s does not carry a large selection of colors in the 24/7 yarn, so I will need to order online. Since color charts are often deceiving, could you please tell me what colors you used? Thank you.

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      Hi! I’m assuming you’re looking for the colors I used for the dark brown, mid brown, and cream colored coasters? Those would be Camel, Amber, and Ecru.

  10. AvatarAllena says

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pattern! So quick and easy to follow. I even took some ribbon and wove it between every two double crochets in row 4 and tied it off in a bow and it’s so cute! Cannot wait to give as a gift.

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