Peanut’s Cat Couch, a Pet Bed Crocheted from Faux Fur Yarn

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Let your fur babe enjoy the lap of luxury while reclining on Peanut’s Cat Couch!

Some time ago, I made the Big Little Pet Bed to bribe my girl cat, Sheba, to hang in the living room with our family. Since then, my other cat, Peanut Butter, has been a little jealous. His patience has finally been rewarded – meet Peanut’s Cat Couch, designed in collaboration with WeCrochet using their Fable Fur yarn.

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Peanut's Cat Couch - free crochet pattern, faux fur pet bed DIY

No matter what project idea comes to mind, WeCrochet always seems to have a yarn to fill the need. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them for a couple of years now. In that time, I’ve tried several of their yarns, including Wool of the Andes for my Theo Blanket and Dishie for my Camaro Crop Top. I wanted this cat couch to be super cozy for my favorite furry guy, so I went with Fable Fur, a faux fur super bulky weight yarn.

While it can be a little tricky to start with, crocheting with faux fur yarn is actually very easy. My first finished project using faux fur yarn was the Mika Vest, which includes interesting shaping, pockets, and even a hood. After making that project, I shared several tips and tricks to make using this novelty yarn a bit easier. You can read about them in this blog post. Learn how to pick the right hook, find your next stitch, and much more.

Peanut's Cat Couch - free crochet pattern, faux fur pet bed DIY

To add a bit of character to this cat couch, I went with three different shades of Fable Fur. First was Paloma, a pale cotton candy pink. Next, I chose Volpe, which is a deep blush color that reminds me of cherry blossoms. Finally, I added a neutral color called Maja, which is a dusty brown sugar shade. I got 4 skeins of each and ended up using nearly all of the yarn I had.

Peanut's Cat Couch - free crochet pattern, faux fur pet bed DIY

The remaining materials were an 8mm crochet hook, a handful of locking stitch markers, a tapestry needle, scissors, and fiber-fill. The only item I wasn’t able to pull from my craft closet was a standard bed pillow. I had a few too many pillows stashed in my guest room closet, so I put one to good use in this project. Keep scrolling for the FREE Peanut’s Cat Couch Pattern!

If you’ve never met him before, Sir Peanut Butter is a chonky boy. He measures 27 inches from bum to nose, and weighs about 17 pounds. Peanut loves to flip flop around before he settles into bed, so I made the bolster nice and high. That way, he can move around on his cat couch without falling off the back.

Adjust the size of your cat couch by using a different size pillow insert. My pillow is a standard US pillow, which measures 20″ x 26″. The pillow is memory foam, which helps the filling stay fluffy and in place. Go with a smaller square pillow for tiny animals. If you need to go bigger, have a piece of foam custom cut at your local craft store.

Peanut's Cat Couch - free crochet pattern, faux fur pet bed DIY

Peanut Butter is a big fan of his new cat couch and regularly brings his favorite toys onto the couch with him. I love that he now has a special place to call his own, and your fur babe can have that feeling too! Now, let’s make Peanut’s Cat Couch together.

Personalize your own Peanut’s Cat Couch using the FREE pattern below, then share your projects with us on Ravelry and Pinterest!

Peanut's Cat Couch - free crochet pattern, faux fur pet bed DIY

Peanut’s Cat Couch Details


Peanut’s Cat Couch is the decadent pet bed you’ve been searching for. Skip buying your furry friends a bed from the pet store. Make them one instead! Constructed from an upcycled bedroom pillow, Peanut’s Cat Couch begins by crocheting a cover for the pillow. Then a bolster is crocheted directly onto the bed and filled with pillowy soft fiber-fill. Your cat or dog is guaranteed sweet dreams when they lounge on their very own couch.


  • WeCrochet Fable Fur (super bulky weight). A – Paloma, 4 skeins. B – Volpe, 4 skeins. C – Maja, 3 skeins.
  • 8mm crochet hook (my favorite!)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Locking stitch markers (like these)
  • Fiber-fill. I keep a 5 pound box of fiber-fill in my stash. Get your own HERE.


30″ long x 20″ wide

Peanut’s Pet Bed Project

Step 1: Pillow Cover

The first step is to make the pillow cover. Chain 36 or whatever length is needed to achieve the length of the short side of the pillow. Single crochet in the 2nd chain from the hook and each chain across the row. Single crochet 4 stitches in the last chain. Rotate to work along the opposite side of the chain. Single crochet down the chain, placing 3 stitches in the final chain. You should have 74 single crochet stitches. It’s ok if your stitch count is a little off. Just try to maintain whatever stitch count you have moving forward.

Single crochet in a spiral to start building the pillow cover. I changed color every 2 rows and left the colors not in use hanging from the project. Keep crocheting until your case covers the pillow. Insert the pillow, fasten off the colors not in use, and use the current color to slip stitch the ends of the pillowcase together. Fasten off the final color and weave the end into the case.

Step 2: Add the Bolster

The bolster is added directly to the pillowcase to create the sides of the cat couch. I used two colors on my bolster – color A until there was none left, and I finished with color B.

Peanut's Cat Couch - free crochet pattern, faux fur pet bed DIY

With your first color, single crochet along one of the short side of the pillowcase. Use locking stitch markers to create a trail from one corner of the pillow to the next along the long side (Image 1). Single crochet along the trail (Image 2). Finally, single crochet along the opposite short side of the pillowcase. Place locking stitch markers in each of the two corner stitches (where the long side meets the short sides).

Chain 1 and turn the work. Single crochet in each stitch across the row – along all three sides. Be sure to move the corner stitch markers up as you go. Continue in this way until you’ve crocheted 10 rows.

Peanut's Cat Couch - free crochet pattern, faux fur pet bed DIY

Next, we will add some shaping to the corners so our bolster will curve. Chain 1 and single crochet to the stitch before the first marker. Single crochet 3 together over the next 3 stitches (learn to sc3tog here). Move the marker to the stitch you just completed. Single crochet to the stitch before the next marker and repeat the process. Single crochet along to the end of the row and turn your work.

Continue in this way, single crocheting along the row and decreasing at the markers until you’ve completed 10 rows. You will see a distinct right corner developing at your marked stitches. When all rows are complete, fasten off leaving a very long tail, which we will use to seam the bolster closed.

Step 3: Finishing

The final step is to seam the bolster closed and stuff it. First, count 12 rows from the short side of the pillow. This will be the line we will seam the short side of the bolster to (Image 1). Then measure 15″ from the corner of the bolster to the front of the pillow. This will be the point where we start the seam (Image 2).

Peanut's Cat Couch - free crochet pattern, faux fur pet bed DIY

Use the remaining tail to seam the bolster to the pillow, ensuring you work in a straight line. When you reach the corner, begin seaming the bolster along the long edge of the pillow. Seam for about half the length of the long side. Then start stuffing the bolster with fiber-fill. I overstuffed my bolster to ensure it would stand up to lots of naps.

Once the first half of the bolster is filled, continue seaming the bolster to the pillow, filling as you go. Keep seaming until the final short side is attached and filled. Use additional yarn to seam closed the openings at the front of the bolster. Weave in any remaining ends and re-fluff the pillow.

Peanut's Cat Couch - free crochet pattern, faux fur pet bed DIY

Peanut Butter is just smitten with his new cat couch. He was even generous enough to let Sheba take a spin on the faux fur fabulousness. It’s a great day when the fur babes are happy.

Are you planning to make Peanut’s Cat Couch? If you do, please share your project with me on Instagram with #TLYCMakers, as well as on Ravelry. And I’d love for you to show off your project in my private Facebook group. Thanks for the support – my cats really appreciate it 🙂

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  1. AvatarSuz Ryder says

    awwww that cat looks so contented and happy with his new bed. I love cats!!! Don’t tell the rest of the cats, but Peanut may be my favorite cat!

  2. AvatarSusan says

    Thanks for sharing this brilliant pattern! Your Peanut looks just like our Pixie, although Pixie is smaller, and I’m guessing, meaner. We adopted 2 cats to keep her company and she loves to boss and terrorize them. She’s never been so happy, lol. She’ll love this bed, but I’ll have to make 3 to keep everybody happy. Now to find the time…..

    • Toni L.Toni L. says

      lol there’s a special place in heaven for people who care for naughty cats 🙂 I bet Pixie is great at cuddles, though! Happy stitching.

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